Here are two major works by the famed Polish novelist and dramatist Witold Gombrowicz. The first, Cosmos, a metaphysical thriller, revolves around an absurd. Milan Kundera called Witold Gombrowicz “one of the great novelists of our century.” His most famous novel, Cosmos, the recipient of the International Prize. Cosmos and Pornografia: Two Novels [Witold Gombrowicz, Eric Mosbacher, Alastair Hamilton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here are.

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Taking a little break now. Dal caos al cosmos. Mechelle rated it it was amazing Jun 09, Essay by Ted Gioia The search for clues, and their interpretation— the piecemeal reconstruction of the crime from the accumulated evidence—are the most basic building blocks fombrowicz the mystery genre. If you pick goombrowicz up, be aware that the text is a translation of a translation from Gombrowicz’s Polish and read the second one first. Why did I even read them?

Cosmos and Pornografia: Two Novels

Webarchive template wayback links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October All stub articles. But distaste for this affair, grotesque like an aborted fetus, held me back. In a way we are all mad, “connecting and associating”.

He spent his twenty four years in Argentina impoverished. That’s the territory we’re in — books that have to MEAN something very profound. What a wonderful weirdo is he! Strange but not wondrously strange.

He climbs a tree and spies on her getting ready for bed. It is after all only about the search for meaning? Gombrowicz’s style is incredible, a writer could learn a lot from him. Behind the cockamamie love plot, something gkmbrowicz and ill-understood pursues the narrator with ineluctable logic; and the thing that pursues him is a form.

But what we come to realize is that our narrator in Cosmos has no clear-cut sense of scale. And yet the book isn’t dry. All knowledge partakes of the idea of constellation.


P ostmodern M ystery. He writes a horror story in which pattern form becomes the terrible enemy of the human hero. A woman was lying on it, and I had the feeling there was something abnormal about the way she was doing so, though I had no idea what it was, whether it was because there was nothing on the bed but the mattress, or because one of her legs was lying on the metal springsas the mattress had slipped a bit.

I won’t be able to swallow all this. Today, you can find translations from the original Polish of both these novels done by Danuta Borchardt. The experience is still there, but best read in Danuta Borchardt’s stellar direct translations from the original Polish.

And a satisfying outcome for the fetishist. I tend to be skeptical of glib assertions of the social construction of reality to borrow a once fashionable term —the kernel of wisdom here is often pushed too far—yet it is just as dangerous to assume that we are passive spectators at the pageant of our day-to-day lives, viewing the proceedings as in a theater where our preconceptions and mental constructs, individual or collective, hold no constitutive power.

When you try to do both at once, you have hopelessly compromised your situation, and do neither effectively.

I thought to myself, looking at Witold who clsmos sitting a way away, stealing glances at me. Cosmo the two become embroiled first in a macabre gombeowicz on the way to the pension, then in the peculiar activities and psychological travails of the family running it.

In trying to find out what things mean, at what point do they go from observing to concluding to ascribing? Then, beginning on page 70 wherein a violent killing is describedhe gets fed up. Do they really stumble onto covert codes, or is it the human desire to construct meaning? Look at the various identities assumed.


Jan 16, Monica rated it it was amazing. Already similar, both novels also have character doubles of the narrator, but Pornographia’s has balls and moves the narrative admirably, while the double in Cosmos rather resembles one of the buttered radishes the characters forever consume.

Two Men Try To Make Sense Of The ‘Cosmos’ : NPR

The tale itself is cerebral in nature, almost as if looking through the eyes of a man who spirals into madness. Out of this rhetorical frame of chaotic sense data, the object emerges; that is, the discovery of Lena is also the epistemic moment, a moment of recognition Plato, Kant.

For him, meaning must be presumed in order to find meaning but not a particular meaning. One of the main characters, Frederick, is a master manipulator that loves to involve others in his charades and fantasies.

I’ve never heard of this author, and only picked the book up by chance because it was on top of a pile in our apartment and was small enough to fit in my pocket. Is this a strange but meaningless occurrence or is it the beginning of a string of bizarre events.

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The brief relief Witold got from hanging the cat and fulfilling a pattern—hanging sparrow, hanging stick, hanging cat—evaporates when he sees the corpse. Witold finds the comic elements of everyone who surrounds him and skewers them to the wall.

Write a customer review. It was hitched over a jagged brick. Ieri sera ho terminato Cosmo.