9 April — Guido Giannettini, Agent Zeta, is smuggled out of the country by the SID . 17 May — Gianfranco Bertoli throws a bomb at Milan police headquarters: 4. Guido Giannettini on WN Network delivers the latest Videos and Editable pages for News & Events, including Entertainment, Music, Sports, Science and more. Phone, Suggest a phone number Guido Giannettini was an Italian secret agent . p>ActivismGuido Giannettini was born August 22, in.

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The tapes were then gianneettini to Rome, to Cudillo and his colleague Vittorio Occorsiothe prosecuting counsel who found nothing of interest in them. A pity no notice was taken of the fact that the magistrate who laid the groundwork for this trial, Guido Salvini, did not draw the line at the evidence laid by the pentiti but looked for — and found — specific confirmation of what Digilio and Siciliano had been saying.

He then went to the Lerici publishing house to meet his partner Rinaldo Tomba — alibis which both guiddo. During the Parliamentary Commission on Terrorism headed by Senator Giovanni Pellegrino, the Italian Minister of Defense officially recognized before the parliamentaries that Giannettini had been on ggiannettini Italian secret services’ pay-roll.

Merlino yiannettini the same sentence. On arrival in the Spanish guuido, Esposito took back the false passport and flew back to Italy. So many other protagonists are now dead too, and many of their confederates have also left the stage. Giannettini participated guiso a colloquium on ” revolutionary warfare ” on 3—5 May in Rome Parco dei Principi hotelwhich was organized by the Institute Alberto-Pollio, “quasi-exclusively financed by the SIFAR ” military intelligence agency.

The two culprits identified by the Treviso investigating magistrate — Giancarlo Stiz See Chapter 15 — On the Trail of the Fascists could be the real culprits even though there is insufficient proof ugido their connections with the Ordine Nuovo group in Venezia-Mestre and Milan. Acquitted in those two verdicts, Freda and Ventura, together with SID informant Guido Giannettiniwere nevertheless sentenced on 23 February by the Court of Assizes in Catanzaro to life imprisonment for the Piazza Fontana outrage.

  CEI EN 61936-1 PDF

Briefly, this was the sort of set-up that would collapse even while the charges were being prepared.

Guido Giannettini

Ventura had been caught out — but giannwttini was more. FredaVentura and Giannettini are sentenced to life imprisonment for mass murder, outrages and justifying crime. Merlino is also freed. Again inthere were other magistrates on the same wave-length. It will be a topic of conversation again in a few years, once nearly forty years have gone by since the massacre. The Death of Pinelli. Thereby conceding that the guico and s had been dire.

Rauti denied all charges and Pozzan retracted — and was promptly smuggled out of the country to Spain with the aid of the SID. On 7 November Comacchio went with some carabinieri from Treviso to collect the explosives.

It was his idea to commission the publishing of thousands upon thousands of pro-Chinese leaflets, which he entrusted to Stefano Delle Chiaie for distribution through Avanguardia Nazionale and Ordine Nuovo members.

Which is yet another morsel showing how the most mportant state agencies were au fait with the planning of the attacks and had tried only at the eleventh hour to soften their impact. Following this colloquium, to which about 20 students participated among them, Stefano Delle Chiaie and Mario Michele Merlino [4]Giannettini and other intervenants were hired by the Italian secret services. Anni spietati — Milano — seconda parte Pezzato and Tomasonithe informants, were jailed and placed in the same cell as Patrese, who persuaded them to retract.

So extremist posturing has to be left behind. Activism Guido Giannettini was born August 22, in Taranto. To the aid of the politicians came the judge from Milan, Luigi Fenizio to whom the investigation had passed when Alessandrini was killed by members of the underground Prima Linea organisation on 29 January who forwarded an order declaring their innocence to the parliamentary commission of inquiry.

Guido Giannettini – Wikidata

Gelli was later to exploit the involvement in the coup of a number of high-ranking officers for his own blackmail purposes and long-term intrigues. Bagnoli was given a two year suspended sentence for criminal conspiracy; Merlino was cleared on grounds of insufficient evidence, but guivo four years and six months for criminal conspiracy.


Monday, 31 December Maletti was sentenced to four years for procuring perjured testimony and Labruna and Tanzilli each got two years. Now nobody is to blame for that massacre. It was proved he had definitely been in Rome on the afternoon of 12 December True, he made them after having suffered a stroke that left him somewhat impaired albeit that his medical reports, which were not taken under consideration, insisted that he was fully in control of his mental faculties.

Most Related Most Recent Most Popular Top Rated expand screen to full width repeat playlist shuffle replay video clear playlist restore images list. The accused were released.

It was the highest levels of the judiciary that had taken the initial investigation away from Milan and entrusted them to Rome. He was obliged to retire in the mids, moving a lot of important secret files built up gkido decades abroad. Diario di un cronista Terrorismo nero parte 3.

Guido Giannettini | Secrets and Bombs

These online bookshops told us they have this item: Ventura and Freda then put the French teacher under pressure to change or retract his statement.

Digilio, a conscientious fellow, reported back regularly to his superiors, as was his duty. Guido Giannettini August 22, — May, was an Italian secret agent. Rauti is returned as deputy on the MSI ticket. Dozens are injured but none seriously. Gianmettini civilian and military cell would be involved. Lorenzon visited Albert Steccanellaa local lawyer who told him a long and convoluted story about a friend of his, Giovanni Venturaa publisher and bookseller from Castelfranco Veneto.

In the end he claimed he had spent the evening of 12 Giannetgini in the home of a friend, Antonio Massari who put him up ugido the night. A mystery, one of the many mysteries created by the Italian judiciary. Secrets and Bombs