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In a scenario where there is a long history of settled production and, consequently, a regression coefficient approaching unity, such a distinction is insignificant; however, where there is a relatively short, erratic production history and, consequently, a regression coefficient significantly less than unity, the distinction might be significant.

Such a review might reveal one or more causes e. Reserves which can be produced economically through application of improved recovery techniques such as fluid injection are included in the “proved” classification when successful testing by a pilot project, or the operation of an installed program in the reservoir, provides support for the engineering analysis on which the project or program was based.

Because of potential differences in uncertainty, caution should be exercised when aggregating reserves of different classifications. Cronquist [3] has provided comments regarding interpretation of some of the terms used in these definitions.

Many engineers generate normalized production curves from groups of wells producing from zones comparable to those being analyzed. Continuous monitoring of performance, then, is essential in reserve estimation by computer simulation—indeed, by any method! LaurelPerryOnLandDec 26, In this situation, without reasonable explanation for the differences or compelling data to the contrary, the lower REs would be appropriate for booking proved gwx.

A volumetric estimate of GIP scf in coalbed reservoirs can be calculated by [77] Each of these is discussed briefly in the next two sections. Nonrepresentative pressures may occur when operators do not shut in certain wells because of high liquid ratios or other concerns.

Establishment of current economic conditions should include relevant historical petroleum prices and associated costs and may involve an averaging period that is consistent with the purpose of the reserves estimate, appropriate contract obligations, corporate procedures, and government regulations involved in reporting these reserves. Before using this technique, however, determine whether per-well reserves are truly random, are not influenced by prior drainage, and are unrelated to a geologic or operating parameter.


Economic producibility of estimated proved reserves can be supported to the satisfaction of the Office of Engineering if geological and engineering data demonstrate with reasonable certainty that those reserves can be recovered in future years under cal economic and operating conditions. Some cherts exhibit dual porosity and have significant storage capacity in the matrix but that contributes little to reserves.

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In the subsurface, when production reduces reservoir fluid pressure, the weight of the overburden compacts the reservoir rock, which handbooi reduces the bulk volume of the rock and, consequently, reduces PV.

N p can be extrapolated to a local average ” f o cutoff,” but this cutoff might be too low for wells with low productivity.

Critical Rate for Water Coning: As implied by Fig. J Pet Technol 37 9: J Pet Technol 29 1: The problem is especially severe in shallow, low-permeability gas reservoirs, where wells may exhibit transient flow over a substantial part of their productive life.

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Also, simulation programs can be used to forecast production. For many scenarios, the CMB remains an essential adjunct to computer simulation. Reserves estimates will generally be revised as additional geologic or engineering data become available or as economic conditions change.

For wells in an advanced stage of production and in areas where there are good analogy wells, the appropriate b factors and terminal effective gc rates may be readily apparent. Shale water as a pressure support mechanism in gas reservoirs having abnormal formation pressure. Undeveloped locations may be classified as proved if these locations are directly adjacent to commercial wells U.

J Pet Technol 43 A nice side benefit is that it’s not as curved as the factory screen, so I could move my Zumo for better visibility of the other gauges. In some cases, this loss might be minimized or avoided by injecting the produced free gas into the gas cap to maintain constant gas-cap volume.

Thin Oil Development in the Bream Field. J Pet Technol 17 3: It is important to realize, however, that although computer simulation is widely used, jandbook methods typically oversimplify representation of the spatial distribution of reservoir properties.


Calculation of gas in place for a unit volume of the coal layers being developed does not follow the “porous media” approach of determining effective porosity, saturations, pressures, temperatures, and gas quality.

Solution-Gas Drive in Heavy Oil: Estimates of Quantities of Proved Reserves, Questions 1—3.

GWC coal handbook

A critical review of the more than 50 years of literature [] [] [] handgook [] [] [] makes apparent that the industry has yet to develop a general treatment of coning that includes the influences of gas cap, aquifer influx, and other relevant parameters. No, but I wanna be.

Semilog plots of f o vs. Other Reserves Definitions Other petroleum-producing countries and regulatory authorities have promulgated petroleum reserves definitions that are recognized and based on years of development and sound engineering judgment, but none—however important in their sphere of influence—with such far-reaching consequences as the U. Water Drive Gas Reservoirs: Developed reserves are expected to be recovered from existing wells including reserves behind pipe.

Website Release In a 21 February website release, [14] the U. For example, a reserves engineer might have only publicly reported pressure data for use in reservoir analysis, and might not be aware of the length of the shut-in period before the pressure measurement or of the consequences of this lack of knowledge. Jul 3, Oddometer: J Pet Technol 15 8: Some of the material presented here has been covered, in part, earlier in this chapter but is expanded here in light of the seriousness of these potential pitfalls.

Jul 17, Oddometer: Such adjustments require considerable local knowledge and reservoir engineering experience. On offshore platforms, for example, there may not be enough space to install such facilities, and major expansion may be infeasible, either structurally or economically.