Check out this Hasselblad pinhole camera from Kelly Angood. It accepts film and looks looks a little less conspicuous than an oatmeal. Pinhole Hasselblad by Kelly Angood Screen-printed corrugated cardboard Hasselblad designed to function as a pinhole camera and accept film. Check out this Hasselblad pinhole camera from Kelly Angood. It accepts film and looks looks a little less conspicuous than an oatmeal container.

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DIY your own Pinhole Hasselblad Camera

Hassleblock Superwide Pinhole Camera That is just absolutely cool! Swim into summertime with the fun and fabulous Fisheye No. The instructions for building the camera pages provide a clear step-by-step guide to building your new pinhole camera. Want to own the last Leica M3 camera ever produced?

LomoAmigo Mirella Cardoso talked to us about how she found herself in her own photographs when she started taking self-portraits. Why don’t you try to visit Malaysia’s best photography spots and have a unique analog adventure to start off your !

Do you have a favourite Lomography or analogue camera that changed the way you take photos? Here, we show you how to get crafty with your Fisheye snaps.

Here is the instructional video for the project.

Exploring Photography Archive Top. March is Women’s History Month and we want to take a closer look at the wonderful women behind cameras all over the country.


Hasselblad/Kiev back pinhole camera

They’re well engineered and a pleasure to wind. Looking to camerq some cash while stocking up on computers, peripherals, apps, and other goodies? Have some film rolls on hand and currently in Malaysia?

Have you been looking for a speed dial extension with a bit more under the hood and better functionality? Hassleblock Superwide Pinhole Camera Excellent, very nice looking conversion. Hit up our deal list for discounts on all manner of geeky gear. This article gives you some tips on getting it right the first time. I like exposure chart on the side. While randomly surfing in vimeo, I came across this excellent instructional video to create a 35mm pinhole Hasselblad camera designed by UK designer Kelly Angood.

Check out this tutorial now! Available in our Shop. Aside from browsing through beautiful photographs and reading interesting articles, hanging out in the shoutbox is another worthwhile activity to do in the community. Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams.

Hassleblock Superwide Pinhole Camera “Jimmy: I don’t think he ever did any pinhole but he would have loved this camera. Earlier this week we asked you to share what was in your geek bag.

Avoid in-the-dark fumbling by using felt to give your charging cord a tactile right-side-up marker. Peter Mars, a French gaming enthusiast, has created an entire blog devoted to his IKEA table to Mame cabinet conversion with detailed photos of every step. Have you ever wondered about the costs, recruitment incentives, drop-out rates, and other information camsra with for-profit higher education schools?


Print Out and Build Your Own 35mm Pinhole Hasselblad Camera [DIY Geek Project] – Tips general news

Tips General Home reviews Best Tech how to news business. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: To describe photographer Julia Romer’s oeuvre as simply analogue would be an understatement — her photographs resembling watercolor paintings caught on film. Pihhole you been dreaming of the beach lately? Hassleblock Superwide Pinhole Camera That is one elegant pinhole camera!

For now, here’s your dose of Vitamin Sea on our Monday Moodboard. Did it launch your career? Then how about printing out and building your own 35mm Pinhole Hasselblad camera!

You’ll get to work with other budding photographers in revealing something totally unique camrra one-off. Where are you heading off to this summer? Hassleblock Hasselbkad Pinhole Camera Elegant, professionally looking, surely pleasure to use. Hassleblock Superwide Pinhole Camera Really nice looking.

Hassleblock Superwide Pinhole Camera. We want to hear from you about your journey in analogue. Well, you better start that itinerary today! Have fun with your new pinhole camera!