Sanyo PLV-HD projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. Sanyo’s VPC-HD makes HD recording easy and comfortable. Sanyo’s VPC-HD camcorder is a surprising update to the company’s VPC- HD, which it launched just a few months ago. The two look.

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It’s a little hard to white balance well though. This is all very well, but doesn’t help if you were wanting the first eight images which is what you expect to happen because it’s been programmed into us since it was invented.

Portraits came out with a pale skin tone no warmth added to aid the skin but an even exposure. Buttons are nicely responsive and everything fits where it should such as the battery and docking station. Like other cameras, it can look quite sickly and it’s best to tone in an editing suite. There are also filter effects on the HD, one of which is the cosmetic filter.

The auto functions are first class with exposure and focus working fast and accurately. saanyo

Adding flash has removed hard shadows and added catchlights. It’s a shame that it’s not touch screen, but for the price, I can’t really grumble. I find that many of my pictures come out blurry and when flipping to the quick flash you loose the automatic camera stability or anti-shake. Rated sanyp out of 5 by Bill Hill from Perfect for me. While the end can sometimes justify the means, that shouldn’t be at the expense of comfort. I think the performance of the Xacti HD as a stills camera needs some definite danyo but it is essentially a camcorder so the priority must lie there.


That doesn’t detract from its capability and it is very good.

Sanyo VPC-HD Xacti Dual Camera (Black) VPC – HDABK B&H

Cookies help us deliver our service. What is Plus Membership? Some compacts with this feature have a really hard skin smoother that takes no hostages but because it’s designed to loctaed certain colours, it doesn’t do all the skin and is more noticeable. What I do for exposure adjustments is leave the camera on auto exposure shutter priority and then set up a shortcut h2d000 the joystick for ae lock. The zoom is quiet and only a minor whirring can sxnyo heard in deathly silence from the camera’s own motors.

You can also select supermacro mode here which can close down to 1cm focusing.

The screen articulates to around degrees as is normal with camcorders these days. Centre weighted will take an average reading from the whole area given priority weight to the centre while multi hx2000 divides the frame into separate factions and takes a reading from each one. I import into final cut pro as prores. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

The 16x Advanced Optical Zoom helps when capturing far-off video subjects, and 10x Optical Zoom comes in handy for still shots. I do mostly video but the Danyo Res still capability is nice Go into a dark room or outside at dusk and visible noise appears which makes seeing your image more difficult.

Sanyo Xacti VPC HD2000 Review

It would also be a hindrance to partially sighted users who may have difficulty deciphering black on black as we found when we spoke to The Disabled Photographers Society. Login Join for Free. Labelled as a “pistol-grip” model, the camera has a handle under the main optics which houses the battery and is where the 2. XATEP and 1 other liked this. Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: I do have a hard time with the point and shoot camera features. In contrast, a button on the bottom gives access to the main menu.


Top 10 Best Waterproof Cameras 5 Dec Focus and metering Let’s face it, cameras aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on if they don’t have decent focus and metering systems. Face Chaser, slow motion recording, digital image stabilization, microphone and headphone jacks lend a hand as well for creating quality video and stills that will last a lifetime.

Sanyo PLV-HD2000 Projector

Only the mono tones have any worth to them. The trouble only escalates from here and I would’ve recommended stopping at ISO if possible due to the lack of quality but there’s another two settings to go and by ISO the image has deteriorated into chaos. Other than that, I was happy with the results from the perspective of the type of person who would use it.

I have had good luck with the battery. The camera takes great still pictures at it’s top setting. One feature I think is good about the HD is that when you’re filming, you can press the still button and a still image will record without a break in video.

I think the sole use of the thumb is an error for both recording types as it pushes the camera to one side slightly due to the firmness of the buttons.