Sanyo PLV-HD projector specs, projector reviews and current street prices. Sanyo’s VPC-HD makes HD recording easy and comfortable. Sanyo’s VPC-HD camcorder is a surprising update to the company’s VPC- HD, which it launched just a few months ago. The two look.

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I do mostly video but the Hi Res still capability is nice Ribbit72 and 66 others commented on this. The HD also provides you with a number of recording functions that make capturing video a breeze.

In the meantime the second and third tab access more rarely used or in-depth modes and features. This improvement in bit rate ssnyo results in a more accurate video image Digital Image Stabilizer The Digital Image Stabilizer of the HD compensates for up-and-down or side-to-side camera movement, keeping your subject steady and easy to follow. For me, it’s really come in handy sanjo is a great backup camera! A stills flash pops up when needed, while an accessory shoe is on hand for attaching an external light or microphone.

Directory Pages Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. Login Join for Free. Still images were admirably detailed and sharp as demonstrated by the realistic skin tones and crow’s feet recorded.

Sanyo Xacti HD Review | Photography Blog

Still images and video clips are played back continuously and in chronological order. For Plenty of features for price Solid pictures Style.

I had to return the first 2 because the lens cap didn’t stay on and first lens was fuzzy. Sanyo is not as known, but for the price and all the options it is pacted with it is a sayno value.

Sanyo Xacti VPC HD2000 Review

There are also filter effects on the HD, one of which is the cosmetic filter. That includes zooming and focusing. The shape is ergonomic with everything in easy reach of probing fingers and hd200. This is all very well, but doesn’t help if you were wanting the first eight images which is what you expect to happen because it’s been programmed into us since it was invented.


The onboard sanyp recorded stereo well, but was a bit thin on bass.

Performance I’ve been looking forward to testing the performance of the Xacti to see if it fits in with expectations of what we want from a camera as well as ease of use and image quality. So far so good, but the camera works in the same way as the Pre-record shooting mode on the Casio EX-F1 or the Final3 option on Fujifilm compacts where it records all images from when you’ve pressed the button but only stores the final eight from the final second before you took your finger off the button.

An unusual boast as camcorders have had a near point blank focusing ability for years now. Keen photographers would find it under performing to their tastes though. The zoom is quiet and only a minor whirring can be heard in deathly silence from the camera’s own motors.

Annoyingly, scrolling through one page of the menu doesn’t pass over to the next page. First of all, don’t be fooled by the photo and video options, they’re only for resolution although it’s worth noting that to add continuous shooting, it has to be done in the resolution area.

I shoot at p 60fps than edit in imovie so really a worthless size unless you are trying to save room on memory card or happy with lower resolution. Being able to take additional snyo would be brilliant with the development of the still camera. Focus and metering Let’s face it, cameras aren’t worth the paper they’re h2000 on if they don’t have decent focus and metering systems. You must be a member to leave a comment.

Features Compacts have had a basic video system available on them for years although they only ran at VGA quality so you get that badly broken YouTube effect with the image pixellating out every few seconds. You can also change to manual focus if you wish by choosing the menu option above the focus mode. Build and handling At g with the battery, it’s slightly heavier than a compact with a similar sized 10x optical zoom.


Couple of notes, the clarity of p 60fps is excellent and don’t believe the imovie video setting is the answer. Verdict I can see the appeal of having one camera doing everything and other consumers must also otherwise video function on a compact would’ve been removed years ago. A large circle with buttons and spring loaded levers sit just below the top of the camera with a small joystick below that and the memory card slot at the bottom. The camera takes great still pictures at it’s top setting.

Instead you have to go back to the tabs, scroll down to tab two and go back into the menu. I consider them to be much more important. Go into a dark room or outside at dusk and visible noise appears which makes seeing your image more difficult. Aside from the iFrame format, the camcorder also boasts easy transfer of video and still images to iTunes for storage on your iPod.

Sanyo VPC-HD Xacti Dual Camera (Black) VPC – HDABK B&H

Once you’ve changed the resolution to continuous shooting resolution, taking pictures is done by holding down the shutter release button on the back. You wouldn’t expect a still camera to record better video than stills. Digital still and video are so closely related that I’m surprised this kind of thing hasn’t been done before.

You may think that it’s worthless having the feature, but a subtle adjustment is just what it needs.

Get the latest photography news straight to your inbox by signing up to our newsletter. There are also three metering modes of centre-weighted, multi and spot metering.