Download Citation on ResearchGate | The Henri Tomasi trumpet concerto: a musical score analysis / | Thesis (D.M.A.)–University of Houston, Degree. Henri Tomasi’s Trumpet Concerto solo Documents Similar To Trumpet Concerto Tomasi. Uploaded by. Paulo Thiago Sprovieri. Barat Trumpet Fantasie. Tomasi: Trumpet Concerto: I Allegro – Henri Tomasi, Le Triomphe de Jeanne, Henri Tomasi, Orchestre national et Choeurs de la RTF – Jean Fournet (dir).

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He was one of the conductors for studio broadcasts of the Orchestre Radio Symphonique de la Radiodiffusion Francaise. His last piece for the theater, “In Praise of Madness the nuclear era “, is a cross between opera and ballet and contains references to Nazism and napalm.

Henri Tomasi – Trumpet Concerto

A polychord opens the Andantino introduction. Henri Tomasi 17 August — 13 January was a French classical composer and conductor. In Tomasi was drafted into the French Army and was named marching-band conductor at the Villefranche sur Mer fort.

The second theme is stated in the piano at rehearsal The chords move in parallel motion similar to Debussy. This introduction is followed with ternary form with return above an ostinato of Sicilian rhythm. Gordon It is marked tristamente sadly in a slow Andante tempo. The first movement was chosen to be the Paris Conservatory Examination Solo in As a composer, his orchestral music is important, but above all he was attracted to the theater.

The Ancient Greek Attica dialect was closely related to the refined Ionic language of the great Greek writers such as Aescchylus, Sophocles, and Euripides.

Unfortunately, there is no commercial CD recording available with clarinet and orchestra and only one recording with piano reduction Actually, the clarinet concerto was recorded with orchestra and released on the CD “20th Century Clarinet Concertos” by the Koch Schwann label [5].


Retrieved May 9, His Evocations for solo oboe or solo saxophone are written in a similar guise and call on the music of PeruCambodiaNigeria and Scotland. The clarinet exhibits a freedom of key relationships and tonal centers.

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Tomasi frequently based his works on a text of some sort, even if words were not actually used. The works for clarinet by Tomasi have been relegated to the background of this oeuvre but they deserve to be performed with more regularity.

Henri Tomasi

Retrieved from ” https: The second movement opens with a motive from the first movement. The Danse Nuptiale Wedding Dance was originally composed as a work for chamber orchestra and soloists in There is a woodwind quintet version of this entire work dating from Undoubtedly the orchestration is colorful, although it retains its charm with piano.

There are traditional key centers in a flexible framework. The slow section evolves to a poco pui agitato interlude followed by a short cadenza marked a fomasi freely. The movement pulsates with perpetual motion until the end. There is other worthy chamber music by Tomasi utilizing the clarinet to explore.

Everything has been said and everything has been done. It is marked Lent and has a surreal quality.

Inthe family moved back to Marseille. Before the brief cadenza at rehearsal 4, there is a “B” eleventh chord. The adjective attique refers to Attica, characteristic of the Athenians and their language, art, and literature.

Tomasi composed in an economical manner, deriving thematic material from motivic cells.

Henri Tomasi was born in a working-class neighborhood of MarseilleFrance, on 17 August He thought that the inherent danger in electronic music was that it was devoid of the human factor: Pressured by his father, he played for upper-class families, where he felt “humiliated to be on show like a trained animal.


This movement is in sonata form with a sostenuto section framed by the giocoso sections featuring complex rhythms and large leaps in register. World War I delayed his entrance into the Paris Conservatoireso he played piano in Marseille to earn money.

Inhe wrote what would become his most popular composition, the Xoncerto for Trumpet. The original instrumentation was for oboeclarinetbassoonFrench horntubatympania battery of percussion, piano, and string quintet.

Henri Tomasi – Wikipedia

During his last period of composition he was motivated by political events and wrote pieces such as the Third World Symphony and Chant pour le Vietnam. He became extremely sought-after as a guest conductor all over Europe. His music is highly colorful and one can hear the influence of his French contemporaries. His friend Maurice Franck described Tomasi as a hard worker: Suddenly, it will be a romantic and fantastic escape; rides through landscapes of dream, continuations, etc.

The nontraditional elements include polychords, chords with added notes, clusters, and dissonance. It reflects Tomasi’s postwar disillusionment with mankind. Usually a conventional concerto has an exposition in the orchestra, but here the clarinet starts unaccompanied with a similar figure to Bach’s E Major Partita for Solo Violin Lerner 7.

It is in ABA form with the interior section marked Lent and fantasque This is punctuated by a figure marked brusquement and counteracted with three bars marked tendrement.