Dein König kommt in niedern Hüllen (EG 14) . Herr, vor dein Antlitz treten zwei ( EG ) . Wenn wir in höchsten Nöten sein (EG ). Herr. Herr, vor dein Antlitz treten zwei Hochzeit Ich singe dir mit Herz und Mund Nun .. Abend wird es wieder – German lullaby Wiegenlied noten / text notes sheet. herr vor dein antlitz treten zwei noten Copyright. All Rights Reserved. The Sponsored Listings displayed above are served automatically by a.

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Quoted in the Christian Examiner,p. Zu Bethlehem geboren ist uns ein Kindelein.

Though in Midst of Life we be. Harmony by Gesius, In these he is fervent, fierce.

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He it was, emphatically, who stood based on the spiritual world of man, and only by the footing and power he had obtained there, could work such changes on the material world. Since forgiveness of sins is nowhere else to be found but only with thee, fein must they let go all idolatry, and come with a willing heart bowing and bending before thee, creeping up to the cross, and have thee alone in honor, and take refuge in thee, and serve thee, as living by thy grace and not by their own righteousness, etc.

A song concerning the Holy Christian Church—Revelation xii. Johann Jakob Moser Gott wills machen, dass die Sachen gehen.

TrierFriedrich Layritz SalzburgNordhausenHermann Bonnus Sore travail is upon her; She bringeth forth a noble Son Notwn all the world doth honor; She bows before his throne. Kommt her zu mir, spricht Gottes Sohn.


Holy and all merciful Saviour! Accordingly, as we read, the holy patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and the rest, kept their burials bor great pomp, and ordered them with much diligence; and afterwards the kings of Judah held splendid ceremonials over the dead, with costly incense of all manner of precious herbs, thereby to hide the offense and shame of death, and acknowledge and glorify the resurrection of the dead, and so to comfort the weak in faith and the sorrowful.

The whole credit of the musical editorship belongs to my zwek associate, Mr. Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Herrosee Till such time as either by proofs from holy Scripture, or by fair reason or argument, I have been confuted and convicted, Vro cannot and will not recant.

Liederdatenbank: Liederbuch: Ev. Gesangbuch

Summer is even at our door, The winter now has vanished, The tender flowerets spring once more, And he, who winter hrr, Will send a happy summer. The critical musician will see, and will not complain, that the original modal structure of the melodies is sometimes affected by the harmonic treatment. Johann Michael Hahn Christian Heinrich Zeller Hallow the Sabbath, that I may Work notej thy heart on that day.

This interesting and characteristic document was printed first in the Syntagma Musicum of Michael Praetorius, many of whose harmonies are to be found in this volume. Heinrich von Laufenberg The old evil foe, Means us deadly woe; Deep guile and great might Are his dread arms in fight; On earth is not his equal.


Johannes StapferMatthias Jorissen Fragst du, wer der ist? The tunes which are here printed with the hymns of Luther are of those which were set to them during his lifetime.

Our Father, Thou in Heaven above. Saviour of the Heathen, known. May God be praised henceforth and blest forever. Lord, keep us in Thy Word and Work. Jesus Christus unser Heiland, der von uns. The notes and melodies are of great price; it were pity to let them perish; but the words to them were unchristian and uncouth, so let these perish.

Friedrich Konrad Hiller Musicalion Player Add new!

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Ehr sei dem Vater und dem Sohn Gloria Patri. We see in the first chapter of St. The genuine text is here given, and the English version is conformed to it. Out of the Deep I Gry to Thee.

Johann Ludwig Konrad Allendorf Ich lobe meinen Gott von ganzem Herzen. Johann Michael HahnAlbert Knapp Herr Gott, dich loben wir.

As a participant and dispenser of divine influence, he shows himself among human affairs a true connecting medium and visible messenger between heaven and earth, a man, therefore, not only permitted to enter the sphere of poetry, but to dwell anntlitz the purest centre thereof, perhaps the most inspired of all teachers since the Apostles.