TVET IN Ethiopia BY Aschalew Fikru Industry Ministry Sepytember, TABLE stages, it was the most neglected area in the history of Ethiopian education. Ethiopia a TVET system that supplies disciplined and quality workforce .. order to assemble odds and ends of TVET history. Having said this. Challenges for Ethiopian TVET. ▫ How to prepare youth for employment or self- employment in the formal or the informal economic sector?.

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This situation has brought in to sharp focus the mismatch between the curriculum taught in schools and labor market demand, UNESCO, Skill and Competitiveness of MSE, Education is considered as historj form of investment that contributes to the future growth of a nation, by increasing productive capacity of its population. This also pay off.

In addition, there was an attempt to adopt best international practices to move towards competency based TVET system to replace the curriculum- centered approach and to ethioipa an occupational assessment system open to graduates and candidates from all formal, non-formal or informal TVET schemes.

In order to create positive relationship between TVET and labour market, it is quite advisable to make the training job oriented that advocates self-employment as well. This function of TVET curriculum is the base of the best practices and strategies observed worldwide.

Without standards it is historh to compare, judge and use many of the products and services over the world. Gender disparities in learning opportunities, and earnings, are a cause for concern. Policy on competency-based education and training. Statement of the problem The problem of unemployment in most developing countries as well as the rising unemployment in developed countries can be solved by competency based TVET training supported by entrepreneurial skills.

TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training)

The formulation and launch of a national TVET policy testifies the government commitment and the gravity our development partners attach to bridging the widening unemployment gap and aligning ethiopa and vocational skills training with formal education, thereby producing a competent, qualified workforce for the nation.


Even though competency based TVET curriculum was used as a tool to achieve the above objectives, the present study concluded the ineffectiveness of competency based TVET curriculum in TVET institutions under investigation. Training providers and industries, through employers, form partnerships to offer situated learning opportunities in the workplace so that learners have access to authentic experiences that only histor workplace can offer.

Although hisory attachment for teachers and trainers is equally eyhiopia, it has not received parallel attention, coherence or coordination at the policy or organizational levels Choy and Hauka, Currently, a large number of people in developing countries live under poverty and this number is growing steadily, leading to an increase in the size of poor society.

Therefore, since competency based TVET curriculum design and implementation is a complex, challenging and demanding task, it becomes necessary to investigate how it is designed and implemented and its overall effectiveness. Its curriculum consists mainly of courses dealing with conceptual knowledge with limited practical works.

TVET in Ethiopia(final).docx | Aschalew Fikru –

A related role is continuing professional development. Since competency based TVET curriculum is to reduce unemployment and poverty, it has to be supported by entrepreneurship education for its effectiveness.

Ethlopia has its own impacts on the quality of graduates. Quality issues have also emerged, where market information about quality has been unavailable.

Certainly, this lack of practical opportunity negatively affects the competence of trainees in COC assessment.

Pretoria, South African Qualifications Authority. These changes can be analyzed to determine the impact of labour analysis on the labor demand and supply Finch and Crunkilton, As a result, the industries were hesitant with competence of the graduates. As indicated in cooperative training handbook MOE,the model of cooperative training is found in countries all over the world. Technological development and Growth is important that enabling MSE to enhance productivity and quality, to be competent and transforming to medium and higher industry by substituting the old factor of production with new one and appropriate materials.


The second approach, according to Abubakar is placed somewhere in the middle or near the end of a program of a study so that students already have built their foundation skills and subsequently learn to solve complex problems associated with creating and running a company.

TVET accelerates economic growth through enhancement of employability, labour productivity, and business competitiveness.

Ethiopia: Revisiting Nation’s TVET Strategy Implementation –

Since the overthrow of the Derg inthe government of Ethiopia has embarked on a number of reforms of the TVET sector. Work is broadly defined and therefore refers to both formal employment and self-employment. The Dakar Framework for Action: Regarding the relevance of competency based curriculum, Dakmaraemphasized that, there is a growing interest of community of educators and curriculum developers in enhancing competencies and competence-based curriculum because competency- based approaches are increasingly regarded as adequate solutions for reshaping the education ethkopia in its ability to empower educators and curriculum developers to adapt their roles to new circumstances and respond to constantly rising new situations in on rapidly changing world.

In spite of all these problems until recently, the country did not have TVET system that is capable of producing the human power that is professionally capable of carrying out and sustaining the responsibility of solving the problems the country is entangled with MOE,