Howdens kitchen query In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. I have the Feb Howdens Trade Price List right here in front of me. Reviews from HOWDENS JOINERY CO employees about HOWDENS JOINERY you are not allowed to discuss prices with them and trust in the sales game is key. Kitchen designer (Former Employee) – Wimbledon – 21 December 12/03/ in Latest Fleet News In taking the decision to use the Microlise solution, Howdens trialled the fleet performance module. and task management, with the objective of reducing call costs and making the exchange of information.

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May 3, at 3: One word that you are the bad for business is all it takes, when more often than not, it’s the depot manager who lisg bad for the business.

However in our new gaff we dealt with them directly and they did give us a cost of the kitchen and appliances as one cost. All credit and commission goes to management. The fact that they are flat packed is handier for picking them up and having them all in the house before starting the fitting.


Good IT infrastructure, although the actual service delivery is variable from depot to depot. Regrettably I experienced not personally a bullying culture, and a lack of respect throughout the organisation. Agree x 1 List. Jul 13, Messages: When it comes to career progression it literally is a case of “Its not what you know, its who you know”.

I get nothing but people asking for discounts.

HOWDENS JOINERY CO Employee Reviews for Kitchen Designer

I had a Kitchen from Howdens — nearly had a heart attack when I saw the price, then she smiled and applied the discount: I am finding it most frustrating. RobMay 3, Thanks for elaborating, Wordsworth.

NaaktgeborenMay 3, Too lateMay 3, Interesting, so what would be reasonable discount to aim for? Jan 29, Messages: Yes, my howden is: My ikea kitchens are 8 and 9 years old and they are still going strong.

Howdens Kitchens | AVForums

212 Love the company, love my colleagues, my manager has always supported us and had our best interests at heart. From a quality perspective, I have had a Howdens kitchen fitted by a builder in our old flat. Productive and fun workplace. Most depots are ran by uneducated, unprofessional managers of whom many are in that position because they are friends with equally uneducated and unprofessional area managers.

Howdens Kitchens

Most people would not fit howdens as it was impossible to get a full kitchen delivered in one go!!! But if you like a challenge like I do then this is a great sales environment to be pist.


Howdens is nothing special. Funny x 3 List. I think we could have got better on hindsight, but that said they did us proud for the 6 or 7 years we had it before leaving the flat.

Howdens joinery is a well paying stimulating place to work.

Our cookie policy describes how we use cookies and how to disable them. Oct 11, Messages: If we go to Howdens — how much will the prive be if we get it at trade? Get a Few quotes in and be open with them and ask them what the discount is.

The ethos of the company is admirable and has obviously been successful, however the management structure and company practices fully justify their customer review howdes. I would never do any business with companies that do not offer fixed retail prices.