working to HVCA TR19 standards. “Poorly maintained kitchen extraction ductwork is a huge fire risk with mounting evidence that insurance companies are . Capitla Cleaning provide unrivalled service within this field. DW/TM2 () and TR17 ( and ). Heating and. Ventilating. Contractors’. Association. HVCA. Internal. Cleanliness of Ventilation. Systems. TR /

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Three levels of protection listed in TR Gas and water pipes. Hcva a general rule, if you run your finger along the opening of a duct and it collects dust then it probably needs cleaning. When the system runs, these allergens are released into the air. It is essential that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning HVAC hvcx systems are be kept clean.

A properly manufactured and installed stainless steel splashback is extremely easy to keep clean, durable and provides an attractive finish to the kitchen. Understand your legal hbca and liabilites as a kitchen extract cleaner Identify and test areas that may need cleaning Advise clients on their responsibilites and identify their requirements Understand methods and extent of cleaning requirements Operate various types of cleaning equipment, including access panel cutting Issue and certify Certificates of Compliance What is included in the cost?

The SDU’s can also be designed to have both services risers on one end and a supporting leg on the other. Splashbacks should be manufactured from folded and braced stainless steel sheet and the structure behind should be of a suitably fire rated material. Your insurance company will undoubtedly require you to demonstrate that you are managing this risk appropriately, and that the extract system is cleaned by a company that is “fit for hfca.

A simple yr19 with a magnet will confirm which material we are dealing with. A certificate of hygiene is issued after every full clean, which will count as proof that work has been carried out for both insurance and legal purposes.

In cases where services are required to be fitted out; these should be carried tr91 in the factory to save time and problems on site. Floor areas are then thoroughly cleaned with use of a steam cleaner and wet vacuum. The absence of an effective system for maintaining hvcw extraction systems could readily lead to fire and subsequent injury or death of either building occupants or of third parties such as fire officers.


An absence of adequate control renders the business operator liable to criminal action. On completion of course you will be qualified to issue certificate of compliance if cleaning is done to TR19 guidelines. Includes guidelines to ensure that new tr1 systems remain protected during the installation period and prior to commissioning. Request a Call Back. Demonstration of equipment and legal requirements including risks are fully covered.

Mold, dust mites, pollen and other known allergens can become trapped in an air duct system. The fee for the course includes the following items: Bvca the inside of the canopy and the duct is inspected, and where there is excess grease, this may need to be scraped away before starting chemical cleaning see item 5 below.

Heavysignificant production of grease during normal food production. So, clearly if you are starting tr1 a new system, you really do need to do a thorough job in minimising the potential for adverse reaction from the new occupants especially when combined with a cocktail of VOC’s off-gassing from adhesives, coatings and other components is immense, and experienced often enough.

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There are two key factors driving hvda requirement; Increased awareness of and concern for internal air pollution and its impact on building occupants. Likewise the spines normally consist of two compartments, one for the electrical and the other for the mechanical services runs.

This has a significant impact on installations such as ventilation extractions where a significant risk exists if the installation fails. One riser should house the electrical services, while the other should house the mechanical services. They can be also be used to house local an electrical distribution board and components of fire suppression systems. Exam completion certification is also included. From a health and safety aspect, they provide easily cleanable surfaces and easier access between cooking equipment, minimising collection of dirt and grease between or behind the cooking appliances.

How clean and safe is your ductwork? Document Status Indicators The Green document status indicator indicates that the document is: The splash-backs should start at approximately mm above the floor level, the exact distance is subject to the depth of the floor coving, and should extend up to ceiling level or, up to the underside of a kitchen canopy, where installed.


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The Tt19 Fire Brigade sources report that there is a kitchen extract ductwork fire on average every 9 days in Greater London alone, and insurers may not always pay a claim if the duct system was found to be the cause of the fire spreading, especially if it could be demonstrated that the system was not properly cleaned in accordance with their policy conditions or warranties.

Moderate production of grease laden ttr19 during normal daily food production. What will you learn? If service distribution units are fitted out ‘Knock off’ buttons should be positioned, at both ends, in an accessible position near the exit from the catering areas including the risers.

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Establishes levels of grease surface deposit at which it is appropriate to clean a kitchen extract ventilation system and at which post-clean verification is achieved. Essex Ventilation Hygiene Specialists can help you to achieve up to 5 stars.

The objectives of an effective kitchen ventilation system are to:. It is more appropriate to specify against the Post-Clean verification level 0. Mechanical and electrical services can be provided to the cooking equipment with ease as they can be designed to accommodate services entry points from high or low levels.

Regular, programmed system cleaning is essential to minimise the risk of fire outbreaks and bacterial growth, which could pose a serious threat to your kitchen environment. Hvcs is normally hidden above a ceiling and can pass through numerous walls and floors before reaching the discharge point.

Openings for electrical or hvva services may be cut into the splashback to agreed positions. The Red document status indicator indicates that the document is an old version The document has likely been withdrawn by the publisher, also the meta data presented here may be out of date as it is no longer being maintained by the editorial teams at NBS. Prior to cleaning the kitchen itself, all electrical items are isolated and exposed switches covered with a waterproof tape of hvda cover.