HyperWorks Composite Optimization Tutorial – Formula-Student- Monocoque. Composite Optimization Tutorial – Formula-Student-. 2 HyperMesh Core Tutorials Altair Engineering. Proprietary Information of Altair Engineering. HM Meshing a Model Using Shrink Wrap. 3-D Elements. “Composite Optimization with Optistruct on the example of a Formula https ://

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Introduction to Altair SimSolid SimSolid is a game-changing simulation technology for designers and design engineers. Flux Brochure Learn More.

Tutorials Files – Altair OptiStruct – Altair Forum

Leveraging Altair’s Tutorialss and structural analysis solvers, SimLab now offers a streamlined workflow that enables pre- solver, and post-processing for thermal FSI within a single interface. Altair FEKO for Marine EMC Applications Altair FEKO is a leading comprehensive electromagnetic analysis software package, which is widely used in many industries and built on state of the art computational electromagnetic techniques to provide users with solutions to a wide range of electromagnetic problems.

The hypewrorks in velocity enabled by advanced structural composites and on-board control systems hyperwor,s been a true game changer, and the future of sailing will be increasing dependent on simulation driven design. As the manufacturer of refrigerated display cases and systems, they have to maintain the highest performance and quality standards of the products they develop.

In this webinar, discover all the new features in the latest versions of Flux and FluxMotor.

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Hyperwprks Brochure Learn More. Viewers will be shown how complex, detailed nonlinear airframe simulations can be modeled and performed quickly and accurately.

Altair Inspire Form Brochure Altair Inspire Form brochure highlighting the features and benefits of this powerful form simulation solution. Download the Flux Brochure Share: Today CAE is a fully integrated in the NVH development due to significant innovations in computer algorithms, application software and hardware systems.

Electromagnetic Compatibility To meet time-to-market requirements and comply with product specifications, the virtual prototyping of EMC phenomena is widely performed in the early design stages. Discover how FluxMotor can radically change the way machines are designed, through each stage and be able to use standard or customized parts, hyperwkrks windings easily and quickly attribute materials before computing its performance.


This results in complex structures which tutodials only be built partially or not at all using conventional production processes.

For the final designed robot, HyperWorks was used for structural analysis to understand whether or not the robot meets requirements, and MotionSolve was extremely useful for practical industrial education that is linked to CAD design.

SimLab Brochure SimLab is a process oriented, feature based finite element modeling software that allows you to quickly and accurately simulate engineering behavior of complex assemblies. Altair HyperMesh was used for finite element preprocessing mesh generation, with Altair HyperView hyperwotks post-processing and hyperworkd solutions.

MDO Director Datasheet A multi-disciplinary optimization MDO approach allows you to explore all design requirements simultaneously and achieve lighter products, faster. This webinar gives an overview of Altair Multiscale Designer capabilities including new features now available in the latest release.

In order to impact the product development process, MDO results must deliver to project timescales and in order to achieve this, a number of challenges need to be overcome.

It enables the user to build a machine from standard or customized tuhorials, add windings tutoriasl materials to run a selection of tests and compare results. Zaha Hadid Architects’ Volu Pavilion – Stunning Form Optimized through Simulation Zaha Hadid Computation and Design co de team had to create a contemporary dining pavilion that combines computational design, lightweight engineering, and precision fabrication.

Multiscale Designer Product Video Multiscale Designer can help achieving more accurate and cost saving results by looking into the individual constituent of composite materials. Why do companies constantly come out with exciting innovations while others have great difficulty?

Integration of Optimization into Design with Altair’s MDO Offering CAE has since long been established as the tool for validating and certifying mechanical properties during product development.

Download White Paper Share: HyperWorks Brochure Learn More. Thus, improvement of early concept development to mature designs faster and with tutorial design balance must be a key goal of vehicle development. Seamless integration of 0D-1D and 3D worlds This webinar will introduce you to Altair Activate for control system design and the ease of solving real world problems with co-simulation between MotionSolve multibody simulation suite and Activate.


Composites offer designers the ability to create a material and engineer its properties tuttorials resist particular load cases and environments. The automotive industry is experiencing ever increasing requirements on new vehicles from all directions.

Designing Efficient and Sustainable Energy Generation Equipment Thanks to Simulation From conventional to renewable energy and large-scale power plants to in-house systems, energy generation has to be efficient and sustainable to supply the grid and support different needs.

Providing Designers Easy Access to Powerful Simulation Tools Brompton Bicycle discuss the benefits they 111 seen from moving away from simulation in their CAD system to a rutorials powerful and flexible system from Altair. Asset owners of the ecosystem such as manufacturers, service providers, and government offices have to consider the multiple challenges around energy transmission. Modern design tools enables designers to quickly evaluate and compare machine techinical-economic potential.

Altair SimSolid Brochure Altair SimSolid is a structural analysis software developed specifically for rapidly evolving design processes. The proposed structure is fabricated and its performances are compared with the simulation results obtained from FEKO. Join the Simulation Revolution: To hyperwofks the CAE team at F. Digital Twin, Predictive Maintenance and In-service Simulation The Digital Twin and IoT seminar features the key ideas behind the concept of the Hyprworks Twin, predictive maintenance, and its practical relevance especially for product engineering and simulation.

Used for more than 35 years in industry worldwide, and based on the most advanced numerical techniques, Flux has become a reference for the high accuracy it delivers. During his speech Mr.