The technique description herein is made available to the healthcare professional .. to surgeon preference and/or fracture pattern. IMHS CP Nail Extractor. Surgical Technique. International Version. Page 2. Page 3. Nota Bene. The technique description herein is made available to the healthcare professional to illustrate the . enhanced sliding and compression of the IMHS™ IMHS™ CP Nail. Patient positioned with operative extremity adducted for intramedullary nailing. Distal interlocking of these longer nails requires a freehand technique. models of each of these devices have been introduced—Gamma III and IMHS CP.

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The calibration marks on the shaft of the Lag Screw Insertion Wrench indicate the amount of compression.

Proven to increase stability and early weight bearing in unstable fractures from sliding compression and providing an intramedullary trochanteric buttress. Short nails now have left and right components.

The information contained in this document is intended for healthcare professionals only. Take the Lag Screw measurement by lining up the end of the 3.

For fixation of fractures where the medullary canal is narrow or flexibility of the implant is paramount. At final seating, the T-Handle should be positioned perpendicular to the Drill Guide to properly orient the Lag Screw.


Cerclage solutions for general surgery. The Subtrochanteric Lag Screw can be oriented in a manner that allows up to 15mm of limited sliding or unlimited sliding. Begin reaming with the 9.

Richards Smith & Nephew 7115-2102 Imhs Instrument Sterilization Tray Case #2 Lid

No Proximal Reamer Cat. No Tapered Combo Reamer Cat. No mm Drill Sleeve Cat.

No mm Guide Pin Cat. Take sufgical screw length measurement from the calibrations on the Drill Bit as it relates to the end of the Screw Length Half Sleeve.

No Cannulated Awl Cat. Surrgical help ensure the accuracy of the drill guide, it is helpful to tighten the Guide Bolt with the Tissue Protector and Lag Screw Reamer in place.

Table of Contents Introduction 4. Noand Guide Bolt Wrench Cat. End Cap for TEN. No x mm Guide Rod Cat. Part of the Synthes modular clavicle plate system. Developed in conjunction with J. Multiple technkque suture More information. Attach the appropriate length screw to the Short Hexdriver, connect the T-Handle and insert the screw until it is seated. Image intensifier control Warning More information.

The proximal end of the nail has been reduced by 5mm in length to avoid prominence at the greater trochanter. No Technque Guide Cat. For intramedullary reaming and bone harvesting. Other new techniqus A more anatomical 2. No This illustration depicts an older design where the side plates have now been removed, as well as the mating holes for the Anteversion Locking Guide. Implant trials have left and right components.


By featuring a Centering Sleeve to enhance Lag Screw sliding and medializing the implant to reduce the moment arm, this design improved implant biomechanics for the treatment of hip fractures. Table of contents Indications and contraindications 3 Implants 4 Instruments 4 Preoperative planning More information. Reconfirm the final placement of the pin with a lateral C-Arm image. No Small Outer Case Cat.

IMHS CP Clinically Proven Intramedullary Hip Screw Surgical Technique – PDF

Page 4 Design Features It is inserted into the Telescoping Reamer Sleeve until surgixal abuts the end of the sleeve. If not satisfied with depth, continue reaming and confirm depth with X-Ray. Page 3 Surgical Technique No Set Screw Driver Cat. Adolescent Lateral Femoral Nail. No Replacement parts Cat No.