Get this from a library! Investigar en comunicación: guía práctica de métodos y técnicas de investigación social en comunicación. [María Rosa Berganza Conde; . Jan ; Investigar en comunicación: guía práctica de métodos y técnicas de investigación social en comunicación. [object Object]. Rosa Berganza. 5 results for Books: “Maria Rosa Berganza Conde” 1 Dec by María Rosa Berganza Conde and Pilar Giménez Armentia Investigar en comunicación.

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Born-digital media is influenced by many factors.

However, there is only limited cross-national research on the media’s use of news sources and whether there are associations between the use of news sources and media framing. Jan 1, Publication Name: We seek to compare the media agenda in the and European elections by use of a content analysis in order to evaluate the impact of new real-world conditions the March ijvestigar Madrid bombings and new strategies of political actors after the March 14 general elections concerning foreign affairs on the news coverage.

Here we introduce some of the results of the research project SEJfunded by the Ministry of Science of Innovation, based on the examination of the free and the paid daily press in Spain. Negativity in political news: Based on interviews with journalists investkgar 20 countries, variation in trust is modeled across the individual level of journalists, the betganza level of news media, and the societal level of countries.

Journalism culture and power distance, however, seem to have relatively little weight in the calculus of journalists’ institutional trust. The cross-national and cross-temporal design traces the composition and development ne political information environments with regard to the amount and placement of news and current affairs programs on the largest public and private television channels.

Additionally, news frames were analyzed. Across countries, these six dimensions build up a hierarchical structure where organizational, professional, and procedural influences are perceived as more powerful limits to journalists’ work than political and economic influences. Modeling Perceived Influences on Journalism: The responses to these questions will be compared to the data obtained in the WJS pilot study ofas well as with the Spanish studies mentioned above.


This article reports key findings from a comparative survey of the role perceptions, epistemological orientations and ethical views of journalists from berbanza countries. The first one concerns the relationships between vote recall and media consumption, that is to Instituto Navarro de la Mujer, Gobierno de Navarra.

Comparing Campaign Strategies and Videostyles more. Evidence from a Cross-National Survey of Journalists more. The results show that detachment, non-involvement, providing political information and monitoring the government are bergganza essential journalistic functions around the globe.

Political communication in a high-choice media environment: This is particularly true with respect to European Parliamentary election campaigns, as these are often less salient and as people’s need for orientation is greater than in national elections. In this paper, we examine how the unequal distribution and use of digital information and communication technologies DICT affects This paper also describes which methodological decisions the WJS Spanish team had to take in the inestigar of the sample of journalists to be surveyed in a country where an official register of journalists does not exist.

The role of Euroskeptic fringe and mainstream parties in the European Parliament election more. Journalism, 13 2pp. Populist Political Communication in Europe.

Moreover, it is observed that some organizational factors in particular, media ownership and other individual ones gender, age and years of professional experience significantly influence the percep-tions of professional roles.

Introduction There is a lack of systematic research on comynicacin and populist political communication in Spain, consisting as it does of mainly descriptive and case study work. Previous studies link higher degree of negativity in the news to cynicism and indifference of citizens towards politics and politicians theory of Spiral of Cynicism. Our results show that it is Euroskeptic parties at the edges of the political spectrum who discuss polity investigr of EU integration and who most openly criticize the union.

The cross-national and crosstemporal design traces the composition and development of political information environments with regard to the amount and placement of news and current affairs programs on the largest public and private television channels. Journal of Political Marketing, 12 1 It finds that the televisual information environments of Israel and Norway offer the most advantageous opportunity structure for informed citizenship because of their high levels of airtime and a diverse scheduling strategy.


Findings suggest that there are both important similarities and differences across countries with respect to the use of news sources and that there are cases when the use of news sources is related to the framing of politics and the EU.

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The degree of negativity was measured through a negativity index, conformed by indicators of tonality, conflict, incapability and unfavorability, proposed by Leanguer, Esser and Berganza. Hampshire, Palgrave MacMillan, Editors: Our results include answers to questions such as job categories, time dedication, type of work contract, the need for other paid activities and monthly salaries. Transformation berganzz the journalistic profession: We create our own model of analysis and we applied it to 19 journalists.

International empirical research on the perception that journalists have of their professional roles and func-tions has increased considerably in recent years, although not in the case of Spain.

En la primera de ellas se exploran las relaciones entre el recuerdo de voto y Theoretical and practical implications are discussed. Usos, influencias y responsabilidades more. In all cases, professional and organisational influences were higher than political, economic and group of reference influences.

We also distinguish between big and small media companies to explain better the conditions under which Spanish journalists work. Mapping Journalism Cultures Across Nations: Neither does it differentiates between job categories and the type of media for which journalists work.

Mª Rosa Berganza Conde (Author of Investigar en Comunicación)

Between Integration and Demarcation: Journalism Studies, 12 3pp. The results show that detachment, non-involvement, providing Journal of Political Marketing.

We suggest continuing the study through explicative models that allow delving into the origin of the distrust. Surveying 1, journalists from seventeen countries, this study investigates perceived influences on news work.

La nueva comubicacin de la mujer en la publicidad actual more.