Eustațiu Ion Mihai Stoenescu s-a născut în ziua de 14 mai în familia lui Grigore și Acolo îi cunoaște pe Jean Alexandru Steriadi, Camil Ressu, Nicolae Dărăscu, – – Expozitia “Saptamâna Olteniei” de la Craiova, Saloanele . Trimite fișier · Pagini speciale · Navigare în istoric · Informații despre pagină. Istoria loviturilor de stat în România: by Alex Mihai Stoenescu(Book) Patimile sfîntului Tommaso d’Aquino: roman by Alex Mihai Stoenescu(Book). Mihai Golescu, Mariana Golescu (). Consemnări geografice Numeroase consemnări geografice, istorice, economice . , Moisescu Alexandru. Seminarul Stoenescu (Dâmboviţa); Zamfirescu şi. Drăghici sau Oltenia.

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Krasztev From a Deadlocked Present WellsMacedonski also wrote a number of science fiction stories, including the Oceania-Pacific-Dreadnoughtwhich depicts civilization on the verge of a crisis. Despite having theorized “instrumentalism”, which reacted against the traditional guidelines of poetry, he maintained a lifelong connection with Neoclassicism and its ideal of purity.

In parallel, he published his first translation, a version of Parisinaan epic poem by Lord Byron[52] and completed the original works Ithalo and Calul arabului “The Arab’s Horse”. In parallel, Macedonski used the magazine to publicize his disagreement with the main Junimist voice, Convorbiri Literare. The poet probably acknowledged that posterity would reject them, and did not republish them in any of his collected poetry volumes. Titled Poeziiit carries the year “” on its original cover. His son Soare followed in his footsteps, receiving acclaim from art critics of the period.

Bythe poet, who continued to voice criticism of Carol, had several times switched sides between the National Liberals and the opposition Conservatives. Vianu contends that, although Macedonski “never was familiar with the resigned and patient attitudes”, he was “by no means an evil man.

First page of Excelsior Although showcased by the National Theater with star actor Constantin Nottara in the title role, it failed to register success with the public.

I’d cry for him if in bedlam His fate were not one for the best As up to yesterday he had been dopey And now he is merely insane. The emerging avant-gardealthough originating from Symbolism, progressively took its distance from Literatorul ‘ s legacy.


Within Poezia viitoruluiMacedonski invoked as his models to follow some important or secondary Symbolist and Parnassian figures: Reproaching Macedonski’s attacks on Alecsandri, Eminescu makes a nationalist comment about the young poet bearing “the bastard instincts of those foreigners who were Romanianized only yesterday”, and attributes him “the physiognomy of a hairdresser”.

It was through this venue that he began responding to Ion Luca Caragiale’s earlier attacks.

MissirConvorbiri Literare gave Alx a negative review, deemed “malevolent” by literary historian Mircea Anghelescu. In AprilEminescu had also replied to Macedonski in Timpul journal, referring to an unnamed poet who “barely finishes high-school, comes over to Bucharest selling nick-nacks and makeup [and goes into] literary dealership”.

Seeking to achieve a perfect union with his lover, he eventually kills her and drowns himself in the Black Sea. Also inLa Revue Musicale published his interview with Combarieu, through which the latter aimed to verify supposed miahi between literary inspiration and musical sensitivity.

In his article oftitled Spre ocultism.

Alexandru Macedonski – Wikipedia

Ornea argues, was one of the meeting points between Macedonski and Junimism. During Macedonski’s absence, his style and work had come to be reviewed more positively, in particular by the young authors I. Supported by the liberal istoriw and defended by the most prestigious pro-liberal attorneys Nicolae Fleva among themMacedonski faced a jury trial on June 7, being eventually cleared of the charges.

In her review for Mercure de Francenovelist Rachilde argued: From the sublime to the trivial, that is what it should be. At that aled, he was especially inspired by Lord Byronwhom Vianu calls “the sovereign poet of [Macedonski’s] youth.

Debuting as a Neoromantic in the Wallachian tradition, Macedonski went through the Realist – Naturalist stage deemed “social poetry”, while progressively adapting his style to Symbolism and Parnassianismand repeatedly but unsuccessfully attempting to impose himself in the Francophone world. Macedonski’s poems had a sizable impact on Romania’s popular culture.


As journalist and militant, his allegiance fluctuated between the liberal current and conservatismbecoming involved in polemics and controversies of the day. Mihai Eminescu—whom many had already come to see as Romania’s national poet —had by then developed a mental disorder which had become known to the general public.

It upheld Symbolist authors as the models to follow, [] while Macedonski personally began producing what he referred to as “instrumentalist” poems, composed around musical and onomatopoeic elements, and showing a preference for internal rhymes.

Demetrescu later recalled being gripped by “tremors of emotion” upon first catching sight of Macedonski. However, ,ihai claims it was out of patriotism and he only gave technical details about some equipment bought by the company for which he worked. While editing OltulMacedonski also completed his first prose writings.

Alex Mihai Stoenescu – Wikipedia

Macedonski’s open conflict with Junimea began inwhen he engaged in a publicized polemic alx Alecsandri. During World War Ithe poet aggravated his critics by supporting the Central Powers against Romania’s alliance with the Entente side. In parallel to his literary career, Macedonski was a civil servant, notably serving as prefect in the Budjak and Northern Dobruja during the late s. I’m like any man I have been doubting your power I derided the sacred mysteries That lie within each of the atoms Of istodia long series of publications he founded, Literatorul was the most influential, notably hosting his early conflicts with the Junimea literary society.

Stoenescu, Alex Mihai

With the s came a turning point in Alexandru Macedonski’s career. This was the case of Maniu and Ion Vineaboth of whom published prose ,ihai in the line of Thalassa. And he is the emir, and he owns each thing