ADA Owner’s Manual · AF Owner’s Manual · AP Owner’s Manual . JX-3P Owner’s Manual · JX-8P Owner’s Manual. K. KD-5 Owner’s Manual. When using the JX-3P for the first time, you must specify the MIDI manuals. About Trademarks. • VST is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media. The JX-3P software synth offers a crystalline ACB-component (Analog Circuit Behavior)-level replication of the original’s signature sound. Run the gamut from .

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Selector switch to the Memory Protect On position, and stop the tape recorder. The process was pretty straight forward, although I have to admit desoldering and removing the original processor taxed my skill level.

By bending this in jx3; direction, you can add a special expression to your performance.

You’ll need Internet connectivity to activate this software. If you play in a legato manner i.

This hoid function is not obtained if the sustain level is set to zero decay sound. I just received my Patch Editor and the Kiwi-3P upgrade. Especially with the added Chorus features The effect is on just while the pedal is pressed down. For instance, if 4 notes are played in the sequencer, 2 notes are left available on the keyboard.

The JX-3P condensed the signature Roland sound users had come to expect into 64 stunning presets. Basic Connections 4 4. You can write the pitch by playing the keybord, and the rhythm by pressing the Tie button and the Rest button. Rest button If you wish to write rests, press this but- ton. The pitch and rhythm should be simulta- neously written. Organ I, Organ 11, Organ m.

At its lowest position, no sound Is heard. But the most glorious change is the level adoption in proportion to the resonance.


This needs to be done with good desoldering equipment by a competent technician so that the 3P board is not damaged. The flashing indicator shows the measure and the lighting one the step. Release This sets the time needed for the volt- age to reach zero. Press the Tone Selector button This button will be alternately turned on and off by pressing.

This Pitch Follow can be used to prevent any inconsistency in the harmonic content caused by pitch alteration. Folks, it is unbelievable.

Roland JX-3P Owner’s Manual

And more, loading the data from the tape ,anual the JX-3P is possible. Set the tape recorder to the playing mode PLAY. This filter, however, lets the low frequency harmonics pass and block the high frequ- ency harmonics, and this cutoff point is controlled by voltage. Each time you press this button, the func- tion is turned on or off. Normally, it Is con- trolled by the output voftage from the ENV.

By using the appropriate key, you can shift the pitch of the entire keyboard. Beautiful design, meticulous craftsmanship, and ease of use—the JX-3P was a Roland synth for aspiring youngster and virtuoso alike. Note that the chorus board he installs in this sequence is not the new ‘easy fit’ design currently available, though.

Spurred by trends in contemporary music, synths began to creep into popular culture. The appropriate operation pro- cedure is as follows.

Also, each ele- ment to be edited is shown by the Group A or B and number 1 to 16 like A-1, A-5, etc. The indi- cator of the both manuql will flash showing that now B-1 Cutoff Frequ- ency in the VCF is ready to be chang- ed. Running the gamut from classic string sounds to crushing metallic pads, this six-voice polyphonic recreation will stoke your creative fire.


You can select the num- ber of the element 1 to 16 to be edited by using the Tone Selector buttons 1 to Preset Section 5 5. Each time you press the button, it wit! However one of the first things I tried was unison mode and the voice detune Control Description 4 3.

Roland Corporation – JX-3P – Owner’s Manual

It’s installed, it’s working, it looks amazing with the SynthGraphics overlay but most of all good god it sounds incredible.

Government Printing Office, Washington, D. The most attractive quality of the JX-3P is its versatility. LFO2 random2 can be clocked from the sequencer clock.

The corresponding indicators will flash displaying that A-2 Waveform of the DCO-1 is now ready to be changed. Got it hooked up to the Kiwi-3P and I’m seriously impressed. In verifying or loading, press each button before the Pilot majual turns to the Modulated tone. Normally, this switch is to be set to Memory Protect On. Please record this Pilot tone as well, so that later verifying and loading will be mwnual more securely.

The JX3P is now an absolute killer. The upgrade is brilliant, I need time to fully explore the sonic capabilities. Performance Control Section 6 6. After pressing the Save but- ton, you will hear the Pilot tone for about 5 seconds from manua SAVE jack, then saving starts. The tempo of the data is adjusted with the Rate knob.