Like a number of the great Persian romantic narratives, the love story of the Sāsānian king Khusraw II (r. AD) and Shīrīn, the Christian princess from . Read and learn for free about the following article: Khusraw Discovers Shirin Bathing. Khosrow discovers Shirin bathing in a pool, Safavid Dynasty, 16th Century. Well look, he didn’t say “Suppose she’s kiddin’”. And he didn’t say.

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On the road between Ctesiphon and Armenia, Shirin and Khusraw have a chance meeting, which seals their love, though they do not recognize each other at the time.

However, the story is usually told under the name of “Shirin Farhad”.

“Khusraw and Shirin” |

As such, they were more often welcomed than resisted. A material reward, just as Nizami was given a slave girl for his poem. Again Khusraw leaves Armenia, this time to heed her advice. This idea snd to the notion that the carving itself represented the sculptor of the monument.

Khusraw Discovers Shirin Bathing

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Entrusting care of Shirin andd Shapur, he pursues a drastic but successful strategy. The story was also referenced in the Jonathan Richman song “Shirin and Farhad”. Unlike the Shahnamehwhich focuses on the history, kingship and battles of Khosrow, Nizami decided to focus on the romantic aspect of the story.

The Sasanian Persians cared greatly for their steeds and developed much skill in horse breeding, riding, and veterinary medicineThere were two favorite breeds: If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Of the stories recounted, the tale of the love shared between Shirin, a Lebanese princess, and Khusraw, a Sasanian prince, was most celebrated for its romantic appeal and poetic rendering.

Otherwise the king tended to remain secluded.


Though the historical detritus of the first two are scattered across the Kurdish region of Iran in the form of castles, cities and caves, it is unclear whether Farhad was also a historical figure. Sometimes he chops his head off with an axe! Golden Age of Persia. The Kurds usually endeavour to make Farhad more likeable, while the Assyrians tend to paint Shirin as sympathetically as possible, each trying to place their own in the best possible light.

Though the Sasanians sometimes used the Nisaean horse for battle, they especially prized it for hunting, pleasure riding, and ceremony. Let the surplus of the sum belong to thy sanctuary, in order that by virtue of thy fortune, O saint, thou mayest come to the aid of me and Sira in all matters, and especially with respect to this petition; and that what has been already procured for us by thy intercession, may be consummated according to the compassion of thy goodness, and the desire of me and Sira; so that both of us, and all persons in the world, may trust in thy power and continue to believe in thee.

In time her prayers are answered. Now, in the period of decline, these urban dwellers were inclined to seek out associations of like-minded people to give their lives meaning and order. In the sixth century B. He did dedicate several of his works to local princes, for which he was compensated by a modest gift or fee. A decorative plate by Shams Al-Din Al-Hasani, which is part of the Smithsonian collection in Washington DC, was long believed to illustrate the famous scene where Khosrow finds Shirin bathing, one of shidin most replicated motifs in Persian art.

Modern Language Association ane The earliest source mentioning Shirin is the Ecclesiastical history of Evagrius Scholasticuswhere she is mentioned as “Sira”.

Aside from black, a choice warhorse might be white, dappled, or sorrel. Nezami’s version begins with an account of Khosrow’s birth and his education.


Then snirin it seems that Farhad is indeed about to succeed, Khusraw resorts to cruel deception, informing him that Shirin has died.

Khusraw, gesturing to his face and looking to the sky, appears in a state of distracted reverie. From the time that I conceived this request and these intentions, until I reached Rhosochosron, not more than ten days elapsed, when thou, O Saint, not on account of my worthiness but thy kindness, appearedst to me in a vision of the night and didst thrice tell me that Sira should conceive, while, in the same vision, thrice I replied, It is well.

The first was medium-sized, relatively slender, and preferably white or golden. The brilliance of his writing derives not only from his linguistic skill but lhosrow the vividness of his characters and descriptions, images perhaps all the more fresh because, unlike most poets of his day, he was not working to please the tastes of a particular patron or ruler. Bleeding to death, thirsting for water, he refuses to waken khosroq exhausted wife and dies of his wounds without a murmur.

To some Muslims, Islam was a realization of Alexander’s “koine” a commonwealth where people could live in harmony and in peace of heart and mind. The tale was used as the inspiration for a Iranian film, Shirinmade by Abbas Kiarostami. And when Khosrow and her finally wed — after enough sidetracks to make George R.

Again, Shapur is sent to bring Shirin. Hearing this false news, Farhad throws himself from the mountaintop and dies.