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In common with most other Maya scholars, Morley was particularly interested in the mysterious nature of the Maya script.

The manuscripts described various aspects of Maya culture and detailed some episodes from early Spanish colonial history; several also included illustrations of Maya glyphs. For the professor of Spanish, see Sylvanus G.

He had particular talents in communicating his fascination for the subject to a wider audience, and in his lifetime became quite widely known as perhaps the quintessential model of an early 20th-century Central American scholar and explorer, complete with his ever-present pith helmet.

They selected an area within what appeared to be the central plaza of the site, where the capitals of some columns lay exposed.

Other ideas Morley put forward sylvnaus the proposal that the ancient Maya were the first in Mesoamerica to domesticate maize Zea mays ssp. Morley maintained that ancient Maya society was essentially a united theocracyand one which was almost exclusively devoted to astronomical observations and mystically noting even “worshipping” the passage of time.

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To his contemporaries, “Vay” Morley [1] was one of the leading Mesoamerican archaeologists of his day. Confusingly, and remarkably, there were actually two Sylvanus Griswold Morleys whose careers were contemporaneous. June 7, Chester, Pennsylvania. He also bestowed its name, uaxactunfrom the Mayan languagesafter a stela inscription he found there which recorded a Maya Long Count Calendar date in the 8th cycle i.


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Kidderand Morley was left to concentrate on Sykvanus Itza. Key Figures in the History of Anthropology 2nd ed. His talent was not so much to make innovations, but rather to publicise and explain the workings of the various systems. Some sources erroneously note his birthplace as Massachusetts, in apparent confusion with that of his cousin, also named Sylvanus Griswold Morley.

Morley and the World of the Ancient Mayas. Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute. While Morris oversaw day-to-day operations, and Charlot sketched the murals, Morley occupied himself with copying all the inscriptions he could find, particularly the date portions.

In Pierre Robert Colas. Morley, was at the time vice-president and professor of chemistry, mathematics and tactics at Pennsylvania Military College PMC.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sylvanus Griswold Maa. Chichen Itza had evidently been functionally abandoned long before the Spanish first came, although the local indigenous Yucatec Maya still lived in settlements nearby, and even within its former boundaries but in recently built wooden huts, not the stone buildings themselves.

From the late s through to perhaps the mids, the reconstruction of ancient Maya society and history pieced together by Mzya, Thompson and others constituted the “standard” interpretation against which competing views had to be measured. In retrospect, these breakthroughs may have been realized earlier had it not been for Morley’s, and later Eric Thompson’s, almost “on principle” position against the phonetic approach. After the assignment Morley went to work permanently for the SAA, and over the next several years alternated his fieldwork assignments between the Southwest, and Mexico and Central America.

In general, Morley held that the ancient Maya had been the pre-eminent civilization of Mesoamerica, from which other cultures had drawn their influences.

Sylvanus Morley

Many Mayan scholars and archaeologists had their first research opportunity and employment under Morley’s tutelage working on the various Carnegie projects. Coe also comments that many talented people such as Thompson would spend more time in restoring the site for later tourism than in actual research.


The essentials of the calendric notation and astronomical data had been worked out by the early 20th century, and by the s John E. Morley was in general opposed to ideas that other external groups had influenced the Maya, but in this case, since the conquest occurred in the “degenerate” Post-Classic phase he found it acceptable.

Towards the end of the project Morley’s work on these was to be superseded somewhat by a more-comprehensive analysis made by Hermann Beyer in He escorted a party to the ruins of Uxmal in February, [31] on what was possibly his last visit to a Maya ruin. Putnam and the young Alfred Tozzera recently appointed professor at Harvard’s Anthropology department.

See also the Maya script article.

La civilización maya – Sylvanus Griswold Morley – Google Books

The name chich’en itza in modern Yukatek orthography means roughly “mouth of the well of the Itza “, the “well” being the nearby Sacred Cenote water-filled sinkhole and “Itza” being the name of the people who were reputed to be its former inhabitants. Over the years, he was to act almost as their representative in several matters, although he was equally careful not to upset the Mexican and U.

Morrisartists Ann Axtel Morris and Jean Charlotand several others began their first explorations. Jean Charlot at Chichen Itza”.