29 oct. Et puis il raconte que, quand il a découvert “Le Transperceneige” dans une car on venait d’apprendre qu’il avait acquis les droits de la BD. Publication Dates: fevrier – ; Number of Issues Published: 3 (#1 – Le Transperceneige – #3); Color: noir / blanc; Dimensions: Format normal; Binding. Comic Bits Online: Casterman BD: Le Transperceneige – L’Intégrale(Collection).

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At one point I had a feeling that she wouldn’t be able to tie up her shoelaces on her own. As they advance, Proloff and Belleau observe fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat, luxuries which they believed extinct.

Tra la prima e la seconda storia passano inoltre diversi anni, quindi non sono assolutamente legate tra loro in alcun modo. Plus, it gave me an excuse to read aloud in French, which is great fun. The elites then reveal that the first braking mission was to take the Snowpiercer, and that the sole survivor is Proloff, who only talks to the engine. That’s why I think that the final twist didn’t do much justice to the plot.

The girl who follows the hero of the story cries, has strange doubts, strange ideas, strange behaviourof course there’s an instalove The artwork is great and conveys perfectly the thought-provoking story.

So this was an overall disappointment. Other books in the series. And it is veeeery 80’s. The first volume is definitely the best and easiest to understand, and is the basis for the movie.

“Snowpiercer” : les auteurs de la BD sous le charme du film ! [INTERVIEW]

It is very different from the movie Snowpiercer tho, so be warned. Korean director Bong Joon Ho – who also wrote the screen story – fashioned a gripping action-filled sci-fi parable about humanity’s fatal attraction to power and greed. Return to Book Page. As far as they know, the inhabitants of the train are the last living beings on the planet. The story was interesting with everyone living in a train to escape a climatic disaster, however nothing was really unusual.


Thanks for telling us transperceneie the problem. I was impressed by how well the tension kept up throughout the book, which is longer than most graphic novels. Before reaching the engine of the Snowpiercer, Proloff breaks all the windows in the final car.

Le Transperceneige – Wikipedia

They have some serious power to blow minds, but not in transpercensige instance. When accused of murdering one of his fellow explorers, he is sent on l suicide mission in a small plane but survives; after threatening to crash land his plane in front of the train, he is hailed as a hero. Jun 21, Mary rated it it was amazing. Only one returns alive, and soon disappears. At the same time a virus, ostensibly spread by Proloff, is infecting others aboard the train, and the healthy advance to the front.

The Explorers ; though the second volume only makes mention of The Explorers in its title, it also contains The Crossing.

Aug 01, A. Much is presented for your analysis, especially when you consider you have both the artwork and the text. Trying to rescue Proloff, Belleau is placed under quarantine with him.

I think that this comic book has a great value for science-fiction dystopian trainspotting literature: Only one returns alive, and soon disappears. Jan 30, Zaz rated it liked it Shelves: See 1 question about Le Transperceneige ….

The characters were interesting, although there weren’t enough women. To view it, click here. As they are talking, the rear cars are disconnected. We saw a lack of space, the dar Uhm And transpedceneige didn’t even care.

I liked the art better and also the characters. Lo stile del aveva un che di bonelliano mi scusino i bonellianicon l’aggiunta di qualche sfumatura di grigio. I didn’t know the comic boook was from the 80’s.

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Adaptation Korean director Bong Joon-ho adapted the graphic novel to the cinema as Snowpiercerwhich was originally released in They were confusing and jumbled, and after awhile I gave up really understanding the details and just tried to follow the general arc.

Jul 11, Mladoria rated it really liked it Shelves: Political machinations and the struggle for survival are played out in the claustrophobic confines of the train. Stessa cosa per Val e Puig degli episodi successivi.

But skip the rest. Ha un inizio ed una fine che permette di affezionarsi ai personaggi. Dividido em 3 partes, onde a primeira narra o destino dos habitantes do perfura-neve desenhado be escrito por Lob e Rochettee os outros dois sobre o desbrava-gelo desenhado e escrito por Legrand e Rochetteformam na verdade duas partes distintas. Paperbackpages. Hey, black and white can be just as good as color, but this transpdrceneige not a transpeceneige example of that.

Fantascienza d’autore in questo volumone integrale. After losing contact with the Snowpiercer, those aboard a trznsperceneige train fear a collision, and send several explorers on a braking exercise, where they stop the train. However, once you get beyond the “perpetual train of humanity running through the arctic apocalypse” premise, there are no similarities whatsoever.

As the story begins, a man named Proloff is quarantined transpeerceneige escaping from the rearmost cars, and is joined by a woman named Adeline Belleau: