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‘s Act 22, Argentina was the enactment of Act 22, in . 13 “ Multicanal SA y otro s/Denuncia Infracción Ley 22,, ASCJ. 22, () (Ley de Defensa de a Competencia/Competition Defense Act/ CDA) –95, , –13, Arts 1–2. El resto del artículo describe la aplicación de la ley argentina de With the adoption of the provisions of Act 22,, the Argentine antitrust case law began to.

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The Private Competition Enforcement Review. In the United States, it leu a rare day when newspaper headlines do not announce criminal or regulatory investigations or prosecutions of major financial institutions and other corporations.

After the evidence is produced, the antitrust authorities must decide the case in 60 days, ending the administrative claim. To determine the amount of the fine, the antitrust authorities take into account: So that the replacement on the demand side is effective, consumers must evaluate the products as being able to meet the same needs, under similar consumption opportunities.

The assessment of the impact of an investigation will be largely determined by the relevant market definition, the market power involved and the market shares of the companies involved in the case.

Welcome to the second edition of The Healthcare Law Review. Editors Jonathan Davey and Amy Gatenby.

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The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review provides an overview of evolving legal constructs in 26 jurisdictions around the world. Further, companies are liable for the acts of their employees even those who are not in a managerial position that are performed on their behalf, for their benefit or with their assistance. As inmostly the cases were closed because the antitrust authorities accepted the explanations given by the companies under investigation.

There is still much to do and explore in relation to such actions in Argentina. Having reached the leey of defining the relevant market for a product, the next step is to do the same in geographical terms. Such conduct may include, but is not limited to:. Wikimedia has received an e-mail confirming that the copyright holder has approved publication under the terms mentioned on this page. In the case of a re-offence, the fine could be doubled. The Projects and Construction Review.


22262 will be interesting to see how courts and companies navigate the differing and evolving legal regimes in the year ahead.

Export controls and other trade sanctions. In addition, YPF prohibited the foreign companies that buy the product to re-export the product into Argentina.

Description Alfonso X noven The Antitrust Law provides no guidelines on what market shares give rise to the existence of a leu position on 222262 or several markets.

Following this, the antitrust authorities focus mainly on the analysis of market power and market shares of the companies involved in the case. The Antitrust Law was complemented by Decree No. Such conduct may include, but is not limited to: The two basic offences under the Antitrust Law are the limitation, restriction, distortion of competition or accessing to the market, and the abuse of dominant position.

Argentina – The Dominance and Monopolies Review – Edition 6 – The Law Reviews

Therefore, companies that have a dominant position should avoid participating in what may be considered as abusive conduct. Editor Ilene Knable Gotts. This trend is expected to continue as the global economy further integrates, the number of cross-border and international transactions keeps increasing, and national governments continue to regulate foreign investment in their jurisdictions to an unprecedented degree. As previously mentioned, there is no specific prohibition in the Antitrust Law for having a position of dominance, just for the ely of it.

The decisions of the Secretary of Trade may be appealed by parties to the judicial courts. In the year under review, the antitrust authorities, through the CNDC, opened 12 markets studies and initiated three market investigations. The enforcement of Act No. This correspondence has been reviewed by an OTRS member and stored in our permission archive. VII Private Enforcement Section 51 of the Antitrust Law states that individuals and companies that have been affected by anticompetitive conduct have the right lry sue in judicial courts and claim for damages.


The Banking Regulation Review Edition 9 Editor Jan Putnis Slaughter and May Banking regulation is a never-ending quest to balance the three major policy objectives of financial stability, consumer protection and the needs of developed economies for reliable services involving the provision and intermediation of finance.

By using this site, leu agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This section comprises, to the extent the conditions of the foregoing paragraph are met, the obtention of significant competitive advantages through the infringement of other rules, as declared by an administrative act or final judgment. As mentioned above, the antitrust authorities may enforce conditions aimed at neutralising the distorting aspects of competition or may ask a judge that the offending companies be dissolved, liquidated, unconcentrated or divided.

Notwithstanding this, an investigation may also be initiated ex officio by the antitrust authorities. Defining what relevant markets are according to this analysis is no easy task. The Congress is currently analysing a bill with modifications of the Antitrust Law.

As this book evidences, today almost all competition authorities have a notification process in place — with most requiring pre-merger notification for transactions that meet certain prescribed minimum thresholds. He has also released the results of internal audits that were performed with regard to anticompetitive conduct. The Acquisition and Leveraged Finance Review.