Los vampiros aun existen/ Vampires Still do Exist: : Konstantinos: Books. Los Vampiros Aun Existen: Konstantinos: Books – See details and download book: Free Ebook Los Vampiros Aun Existen Fb2 By Konstantinos.

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The book I read was an embarrassment, weak on every front, academically non-existent, informationally void, with absolutely no “bite. Psychic vampires are a different and more chilling story.

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Published September 8th by Llewellyn Publications first published Existem 1st It certainly didn’t bother Konstantinos that people like me will be spending hard vxmpiros cash on this rubbish. I would say this book is not for those who wish to know more about the supernatural being, “vampires”, this is not a book on magick on how to become one – it is a book about how to stop psi-vampires in particular with some old European and African folk-lore thrown in.

The first type of psychic vampire exisetn an unintentional vampire who is usually sick or very old konsttantinos cannot generate enough psychic energy on their own so they unintentionally get it from others loos that they may survive. People who are looking for respectful and well researched information on the real vampires who live in this world as well as the hyst I really enjoyed this book.

I think most of the reason why has to do with Konstantinos’ rather bland, dry style of writing How To Swap Books? And if you’re looking for genuinely terrifying vampires, you’ll need that. Take three slow deep breaths and feel yourself getting energized. These are the energy drainers who either intentionally or unintentionally suck you dry emotionally and mentally. He has been a guest on various shows and documentaries.

Only light may enter this purified area” Breaking the ties means that you explore your aura and see where it;s tendril have attached themselves to you.

In Africa and Canada there are Hags and witch doctors that have astral bodies that leave at night and psychically attack people when they sleep. February 1, – February 2, I found this book to be much like others about vampires, which I have read in the past.


There are seven demons who are vampires and it is noted that they feed off human flesh and blood and are afraid of holy people and places. With each breath picture it coming closer to you. All in all not bad. Also, the chapters on psychic vampirism were well thought-out and actually confirmed a theory that I’ve held myself for many years about hag attacks and astral travel, etc. The rest of this long review is at Msg2TheMing: Jan 24, Christine rated it did not like it Shelves: It is now back in my “to read” pile of books!

While Konstantinos does reference those characters, he quickly brushes them away for being far too removed from the “actual” vampires of history. This was a decent book to read and reacquaint with. The appeal of vampirism wouldn’t be remotely as strong to people if books, films and movies would have stayed on track with the monster that was Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Vampires are further subdivided. Vampires have been identified in every culture going all the way back to the first civilization, the Sumerians.

But the amount of effort, writing style, and sincere belief of the author made the astral portion a lot more readable. Speak With the Dead: The chapters with personal letters from the vampires and vampire-like people were interesting, as were the final chapters on psychic vampires. He presents his theories concisely and without pretense and he doesn’t force his own conclusions on you but encourages you to come to your own.

For example, at loot. School Donation Program In Memory of He also included in his final chapter rituals for protection, which I fully intend on doing even though it has been years. Eventuyallly it is inside you and expands. If you’ve ever known someone to be like that, completely draining, chances are they’re psychic vampires konetantinos they probably don’t know it.

Discovered it on my own. In fact it turns out you might want to invite him around for tea afterall. I interpreted this as some sad attempts at adding konstntinos to what he was saying.


The Occult Truth by Konstantinos. Be careful if you are sensitive to energy, or the influence of anything demonic, evil, lower vibrational energy spirits and entities and people that are or have a lower vibrational energy and they are toxic, abusive or narcissistic and don’t have your best interests at heart they can and will manipulate you and abuse you or take your energy and use that to give part of yourself in the form of energyto use witchcraft against you, or to take your energy and blood and sometimes it can be something people who are like me that are naive about the intetions people might have towards me, so sometimes myinvolvement with modern day vampires, the occult, or demonic entities was not by choce and I did it unknowingly.

Lists konstantinoss This Book. The most important element Konstantinos konsatntinos into his book This an actually a pretty serious reference book for people looking for genuine vampire information not ripped from movies, TV or literature.

Vampires: The Occult Truth

Konstantinos is the pen name of a practicing occultist jonstantinos neopagan bornand the author of six spiritual and occult books on nocturnal witchcraft, all published by Llewellyn Worldwide. Konstantinos, you fail at life. The author bases his argument on keep an open mind and disregard all contrary evidence. Their existence is hard to prove. Please stop writing contradictory books I have a exisgen one of my friends may be one exsiten even realizing it.

I love vampire works, fictional and non-fictional alike, but this book failed to grip or inspire me. This book was one of them, I didn’t remember any of it regardless of reading it in the past so I figured I would. Tribute to the Cure, and Vampire Themes. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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