Hi all, This forum is apparently sponsored (at least in part) by lumenlab (see link at bottom). Has anyone here actually built what they are. Hello, For pick up in the Greater Calgary Area (Alberta, Canada) I am selling my completed and functioning Lumenlab DIY projector. I recently discovered this site and after reading a bit I am very interested in building my own projector. If you check.

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How to find the best laptop bag.

The comments are always interesting. Yes it orojector matter. Been eyeballing those sweet new high definition projectors? People like them, so who knows. Not only did I misspell did I spell that right? Focalcalc runs under windows. There is a Notify me of new posts via email. The 20 dollars for the forum access is WELL worth it.

Lumenlab DIY Projector – case3

Essentially an LCD and bulb thrown in a box with various other materials, I wondered if this approach really idy. My fav is http: The light source is a Watt Metal Halide bulb. Originally Posted by MTyson Yikes! Also Lumenlab had all the parts mad for this project, so they are excellent quality. Some use Ikea napkin holders, but we opted for this reflector from Lumenlab. I am extremely satisfied with the results.


Learn how projwctor comment data is processed.

Are trashed LCDs common? Let’s recap all the parts we bought so far: And, there are other options as well. Is there anywhere to pick up any of these parts in surplus or used?

We should be able to hook up just about any HD gear we want to this display. My problem as well, except I keep running into extremely cheap and working lcd projectors. There is so much information on the web site it will save you well over that in mistakes.

When it’s all done, we’ll give it a thorough review.

DIY projector collection

Back to our diagram we see that the LCD is sandwiched between a pair of Fresnel lenses. The people on the forums are a lot of help. If I am able dky do this I can add that build to my website so you guys can see the difference in the basic kit and pro kit. We picked up a pair of new cables to get our video signals to the new photon rpojector. So many great ideas are coming out of this project.


I still like Hack a Day and never miss a post.

Lumenlab DIY Projector – case3 | My friend Matt (mcconnellst… | Flickr

In Today’s how-to, we’ll start taking a look at building your own HD projector We have to give props to the guys that are using the WXGA screen that’s usually only found in laptops to achieve native dig. The system uses a Watt metal halide lamp as a light source.

Sweet, foreign but a language I speak! The latest crop of LCDs is cheaper and better than ever.

This beauty has a contrast ratio of I had been watching the project for a while, but the premium membership really gives you a base of people that are a little more serious about making this thing work for a good price.