Magniwork puts for a set of plans for a free energy device they claim could be scaled Most of the 50+ page manual contains energy conservation tips that are . Magniwork – Real Generator To Produce Free Electric Energy? According to the manual, you could even cancel your contract with your energy company and . Simply speaking, the Magniwork generator uses magnetic power to generate the help of the Magniwork manual and it performs in each and every condition.

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This will take you mabye minutes, depending on your skill level with things Internet. Magniwork generators are unaffected by weather changes, allowing these to produce energy for an indefinite amount of time.

Consider the following collage upper left from magniwork, magniwprk right from earth4energy. The image above is from the Magniwork manual. Is there truth behind the Magniwork generator scam? So 2 hours and a bucks later bucks for the equipment costs I had in front of me a non polluting, almost soundless, magnetic generator! This concludes the reviews of magniwork. How to build your own solar panel.

MAGNIWORK Review By Eliya Liya 1

I would be very surprised if it actually results in a net energy gain. To report this scam, use the FTC consumer complaint assistant.

Creation of electricity is not possible; however, a given source can be used to produce current, which will reduce your electricity bills by a considerable amount. I have contacted Clickbank regarding this fraud, suggesting that Magniwork should not have an account there. Even magnieork you have never put anything together before or you fumble around with a screwdriver, you will be amazed at just how easy it is to put together.

Benefits of using the Magniwork generator Because the answer to the question does Magniwork generator really work is a yes, a lot of DIY enthusiasts have purchased the book in order to see for themselves the benefits of having a Magniwork generator installed in their homes.


You might want to report every time you see one of their ads, when you have a few spare moments.

MagniWork – Free Electricity|Portable Diesel – video dailymotion

However, only through experimentation and proven concepts is this possible. Don’t waste your money – all the plans in the book are copied from these two pages, where you can get them for free:. I always hated DIY do it yourself kinda things but I was pleasantly surprised at just how easy it all was. Magniwork ” — Congress: Probably one of the reasons more people don’t request a refund is that 1 the plans give the appearance of describing how to build a generator, but are intimidating to people as they are not simple and require many expensive components 2 people are in denial and don’t want to admit that they have been defrauded 3 the terms of the day money-back guarantee are that the customer will reduce their energy bill, and because the guide includes generally-available, well-proven methods of reducing energy consumption, that is a safe guarantee to make, sidestepping the core claim of the book that their plans will result in a working generator capable of powering a house.

Not only do Magniwork generators serve as a nature-friendly energy source, these also do not produce any waste emissions, so using these will not harm Mother Nature. Never forget, the main reason for searching for an alternative source of energy is the expensiveness of the present one from the generating and distributing companies.

But mafniwork did get my curiosity up, so I went ahead and searched for it on the internet.

Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. Materials enlisted in this guide can be found easily anywhere in the world. How to Report this scam campaign to Clickbank Clickbank is the clearing house for the Magniwork ads. But I did have manula say that they had yet to finish the project. It uses magnets, and magnetic force to induce The company does not want their contact info listed here. How to report the offending ad to Google The next time you see one of the many magniwork or affiliate ads on a site, here is all you need to do: Renewable Energy is any energy manuaal naturally such a sunlight, wind, tides, and geothermal heat.


I discovered this week these youtube-accounts, which were created very recently and uploaded versions of the same video, just different titles. Third, it is accepted as being self evident.

Magnetic energy is proving to be one of the leading sources of alternative green energy! Power from Ambient Electromagnetic Radiation. He said the new Magniwork guide would feature the work of Directory: We offer the Directory: I’m guessing it’s another device, that wasn’t meant to be used as promotional material for Magniwork, but is being used that way anyway, similar to how they used the Sky4News video of the Lutek device.

MagniWork – Free Electricity|Portable Diesel …

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Why Generating Free Energy. Even if you have little children, they may freely walk in the close vicinity of the generator. According to the manual, you could even cancel your contract with your energy company and run your household entirely from this renewable source of energy.