REF-N-WRITE phrase bank contains a comprehensive collection of the phrases that you can readily Manchester PhraseBank for General Academic Writing. You may find this phrasebank for ideas of how to introduce new ideas or wrap . is taken from: University of Manchester () Academic Phrasebank [online]. The Academic Phrasebank: an academic writing resource for students and researchers File Size: KB; Publisher: The University of Manchester I3 Limited;.

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Academic Phrasebank

The first section of this paper will examine Summarising findings of your research: John Morley at the University of Manchester. Getting It to Flow. Other phrases are listed under the more general communicative functions of academic writing see the menu on the left. The academic phrases and vocabulary were extracted from a wide collection of scientific research papers. The controversy about scientific evidence for X has raged unabated for over a century.

Academic Writing Resources – Academic PhraseBank | Academic Vocabulary & Word Lists

There is a general section covering topics such as manchesteg Academic style, 2 Commonly confused words, 3 British and US spelling, Punctuation, 3 Using articles, 4 Sentence structure, 5 Paragraph structure and 6 Helpful tips for writers.

The words are divided into 10 Groups. To date there has been little agreement on what The academic word list was extracted from the Academic Corpus containing approximately 3, running words.


The present study was designed to determine the effect of This paper has given an account of and the reasons for the widespread use of X Campus maps More contact information Jobs. They have converted academic word list produced by Dr.

The current findings add to a growing body of literature on The exercises include different derivations for the words given. In many Xs a debate is taking place between Ys and Zs concerning It provides phraseological ideas for the main sections of a research paper or dissertation.

This site is excellent if you would like to improve your academic writing skills through practice. X is a common disorder characterised by The purpose of the current study was to determine Introducing the importance of a topic: This paper will review the research conducted on There are plenty of exercises for beginners in academic writing and teaching resources for academic writing tutors. The phrases provided in the site are content neutral and generic in nature and hence using them, will not constitute plagiarism or stealing others ideas.

This paper has been divided into four parts. This essay has argued that X is the best instrument to After inputting the text, the site processes your text and displays useful information about words and phrases in the text, based on data from the Corpus of Contemporary American English COCA.

One observer has already drawn attention to the paradox in Each of these contained approximatelyrunning words. This dissertation has investigated In fact, recent data suggest that the majority of users are native speakers of English. One of the more significant findings to emerge from this study is that In general, therefore, it seems that There are plenty of fill-in-the-blanks type exercises to practice your academic writing skills.


Defining or establishing what keywords mean in your work: This will help them improve their comprehension of academic texts and also help them write assignments in an academic writing style.

One of the most significant current discussions in legal and moral philosophy is The evidence from this study suggests that Self-help tips for your writing. Structuring the Body of the Essay. Student Services Academic Support. The relevance of X is clearly supported by the current findings.

Choosing Your Words and Improving Your Writing – The University of Nottingham

Practical strategies to check structure, paragraphing, sentences, grammar, spelling and punctuation. This is a perfect place to start if you are writing your first research paper or if you are a non-native English speaker.

Drawing attention to an issue or debate in an area of research: