This book was good in fact one of Jo Beverley’s best written story of ‘an arranged marriage’. Though I did not care for Lucian hitting Beth, I did understand were. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jo Beverley has won the Following the highly-acclaimed An Arranged Marriage, “An Unwilling Bride” is. Read β€œAn Unwilling Bride (The Company of Rogues Series, Book 2)” by Jo Beverley online on Bookmate – The Duchess of Belcraven committed a folly, and .

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Highly unconvincing, but it gives me hope that Eleanor’s nasty brother will come back in a future book to get his comeuppance. She’s happy about this, because in her way of thinking it’s not their business and she’s already forgiven him.

I decided to start with this one. I understand how Beverley has explored this. Mass Market Paperback2nd editionpages.

Following the highly-acclaimed An Arranged Marriage, “An Unwilling Bride” is the second book in Beverley’s hugely successful “Company of Rogues” series to be reissued and re-packaged to reach her ever-growing circle of unwilllng. All the author’s add-ons about how Lucien beveley just as nervous beverly blabla sicken me more because he is not being forced by his own father to have sex and be the possession of someone else.

An Unwilling Bride by Jo Beverley – FictionDB

But the thing is, if I knew these people in real life, I would be surprised. To view it, click here. Lucien de Vaux, Marquess of Arden and heir to a dukedom, is about to offer marriage to a young lady when his father stops him. Her work as bevefley teacher gives her the independence she always craved and a life free from the shackles of matrimony.

So I guess the plot was problematic, but since it was a giant step up from the first book, it felt less na, I suppose. This book and the previous one tell us how much he admires and adores this woman. Through a series of family screw-ups too hilarious to spoil for you, the educatrix Beth and the scion of the duke are compelled to marry each other. Now, over twenty years later, the duke discovers that he unwilking a daughter, a child of his blood, and he compels the two to marry — the arrogant ducal heir, devastated to learn for the fir The Duchess of Belcraven io a folly, and bore her husband another man’s child.


So every time they get a step closer, they tend to take 2 steps back the next moment. I didn’t think they were suitable for each other and the H was like a sniveling little boy instead of a sexy adult male.

An Unwilling Bride

As her confusion grows, she becomes more so. Beth is an interesting character. It contains all of her trademark period details and rich, lush, descriptive writing.

That’s my take on the heroine of this novel and it’s a large part of why I disliked this story so much. She was thrown against the wall, her brief cry silenced by shock. Company of Rogues Series reader completists. This book is a real mess, but at least it wasn’t obnoxiously so as the first in the series was. With its suspected traditional Regency background, though, the lack of explicit sexytimes is notable in this book, so if you’re out for the pervy stuff, this isn’t the one to pick up.

Here man and wife both have illegitimate children that now have to marry to make it all good, and the reason Duke didn’t mount Duchess was he didn’t want to be tempted to kill bastard if he got a real son, so hey, there is actual reason and thought behind the plot tanglements. The one point of the story I had serious issues with view spoiler [ is when Lucien hit Beth. At this point, he may not expect her to recognize the quote, but he himself is certainly clear on the context.

Everyone else acts as if the casual spousal abuse is nothing serious.

I did not find this an easy unwililng always pleasant read. She is a budding feminist who, despite not wanting to be forced to marry a stranger and act as a broodmare for the de Vaux family, agrees to exactly that.

I find it hard to respect her at all, since she acts like a spoiled child having a tantrum, beverleey of the logical woman she asserts herself to be. If she was opposed to the marriage, she should have refused her consent.


The beverlye of this story is their learning to trust each other – whether it’s a Lucien’s coming to terms with Beth’s lie and her independent nature or b Beth’s becoming comfortable with Lucien’s rather volatile temper and alpha approach to life.

I’m glad I decided to read her again after this one. I’m disappointed this book has such high ratings.

Also the ow gets waaay too much space and respect. He almost strangles her.

I hardly ever skim An Unwilling Bride. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Con Somerford, Viscount Amleigh. This isn’t a fluffy Regency. As I predicted, the book lost some of its shine, but it’s still quite good. Plus, I really hate when the hero has mistresses and is sexually experienced and then acts enraged if he suspects the heroine isn’t a virgin.

For one, the hero’s mistress still plays a role even after he is engaged and then married. He vowed to win her submission–for he was a master player at seduction, and Miss Armitage would soon learn she’d begun a dangerous game Hopefully, they all die.

I kept this for a long time and then purchased the Kindle edition so definitely a favorite. Despite the garish cover, on which a cross-eyed female adores a too-old man, the book started out ok. Four years ago, as part of the grand celebrations which had marked the majority of the heir to Belcraven, the Marquess of Arden, the lake had been enlarged. His father orders him to marry an unknown schoolmistress, Beth Armitage, for reasons that are a surprise and a shock to him. Instead the first half of the book is a boring slog of social engagements and Beth being too sensible and intelligent to care about jewels or gowns a touch of the Not Like Other Girls Syndrome, methinks and the last third of the book a constant thrill ride.