Caris Roane, paranormal romance author, presents Guardians of Ascension reading order for her wonderful fans. Paranormal Romance Author Caris Roane presents Ascension, a paranormal romance book and Guardians of Ascension Book One. Ascension: Book 1 of The Guardians of Ascension Paranormal Romance Trilogy [ Caris Roane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. And ok, let’s face it the whole warrior group full of testosterone-ridden-male-perfection will never get old. I started calling them wampires. Admittedly, I’m a reader who prefers more short and snappy writing. He’s a vampire, he’s a warrior and he’s also a freakin angel!

But the breh-hedden has struck and her light floral scent tears at his restraint. What makes a human a candidate for ascension?

I can get past that with a really compelling read.

Guardians of Ascension – Caris RoaneCaris Roane

For decades, Warrior Duncan cariss had an on-again, off-again relationship with a woman opposed to his warrior lifestyle. The other warriors in very present in the story and the author also gave a peek to who may be the next mate for a couple of them. How ascenaion he resist his blood rose…. The world building is also mostly ridiculous: She has lived a life longing for male companionship, only to deny herself as her supernatural powers accidentally cause injury in past relationships.

Seriously, this book is amazing! All those negative things make it sound like I hated the book, but it’s not all that bad. View all 17 comments. Alison seemed extremely needy to me, and it’s understandable given the life she’s led, but when it comes to her relationship with Kerrick, I really didn’t see anything on her part but a simple need to belong to someone, anyone. When a beautiful fae-slave, Sandra, tells him to live, he begins to believe his life could have more meaning….


He muzzled her neck. Amethyst Flame — 2 Flame Series. When a beautiful fae-slave, Sandra, tells him to live, he begins to believe his life could have more meaning… For Buy Links and to Read More… Caris Roane ascensjon the New York Times bestselling author of thirty-seven paranormal romance books.

Guardians of Ascension Series

At least, that’s what I told myself as I powered through the first two thirds of this book. There’s a lot of positive things about the book as well, and I like the story well enough to continue with the series. He wasn’t even looking.

It helps that they have this thing between them – kind of like they’re fated roame be together. As Duncan battles the dangerous death vampires at night, during the day he fights an even greater monster: She’s been different ever since she can remember: For Buy Links and to Read Mo re. Hunger lived in him now, deep, begging, fierce.

Seth, Mastyr Vampire of Walvashorr Realm, craves Lorelei, his new bodyguard, but he has a hands-off policy with those under his command. The one thing uppermost in my mind when I read this was “I wish the editor had taken a hacksaw to the author’s excessive use asension ‘cried’ as a dialogue tag” I was thinking that every page. While the fated mate theme is nothing new, I liked the way Roane presents her version.


Think good thoughts for me! I also liked the length of the book pages.

Guardians of Ascension Series by Caris Roane

Their sexual chemistry is instantaneous and irrationally overblown. I love the characters and the world she’s created is really interesting. Rkane made the book have a samey feel in comparison to other popular paranormal series out there, when there is more than enough to distinguish this book from others in the genre.

Yolen keeps his love life and his work life separate with one goal in mind — to rozne Brianna. And he’s not j Oh. The second half of the book has much better pacing though and that’s where the story got its hooks into me.

Yeah, his muscles had been tight for twelve centuries. Thorne just looked at him.

When he finds that Emma Delacey has been summoned to the same crime scene, warning bells sound. Dec 28, It has a lot of cool eoane scenes, it’s intense, a little dark, and the romance is sweet, steamy, and intense. A wicked beat had the ladies gyrating and the men putting their hands everywhere. Because the woman possesses the ability to kill him with the tips of her fingers, how can he possibly fall in love with her?

Kerrick is also a Guardian of Ascension.