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European colonial armies employed not only the superior armaments of modern capitalist industry, but also its higher-level organisation and mentality.

Small Wars Their Principles And Practice

When the theatre of war is a desert with only a few scattered wells, water becomes a matter of supply, and has to be carried with the force. The consequence was that the enemy’s host remained in charoes position, and that the battle was deferred till the morning.

The conquest of Scinde and the Punjab involved hostilities with military forces of some organization and of undoubted fighting capacity. In regular warfare each side knows perfectly well what is to be expected from the adversary, and either adversary is to a certain extent governed by certain rules common to both. Strategy and tactics assume all manner of forms. This misfortune appears to have been entirely caused by the failure to find water where its existence had been calculated upon.

The Boers he places in a category of their own. When the stricken remnant reached water the supply train had been lost and there was no food left, so the force had to march back 50 miles to its original starting point, where it arrived in piteous plight.

Long-range, rapid-fire, precision weapons cut two ways. Or it may be necessary, as suggested above, to push out a portion of the army to fight its way into the theatre of war and to hold its ground, while supplies are moved forward in rear of it and collected under its protection, the rest of the force remaining at the base waiting till all is ready. And although the troops in small wars find their opponents as a rule skilled in the arrangement of ambushes and the carrying out of surprises, masters in the art of military deception, crafty and cunning, they find them on the other hand to be by no means so wary in avoiding snares as they are artful in setting them.

The Ashantis and Dahomeyans were nationalities which although uncivilized were completely dominated by their sovereigns.

Archived from the original on 27 December In the end the Buners were conciliated and, the hostile gathering in the defile being dispersed, the column marched to Malka and carried out the programme decided upon at the outset.


Others also found it useful.

So it became necessary to recall the column to Korti, and the operations came to an end. The regular army is being watched in all its operations and cannot wags it.

By a kind of instinct they interpret military portents even when totally deficient of courage or fighting capacity.

It may be mentioned that the Kahan garrison, after a most gallant defence, was granted a safe conduct, and eventually reached the frontier. Charlee should be avoided. The teachings of great masters of the art of war, and the experience gained from campaigns of modern date in America and on the continent of Europe, have established certain principles and precedents which form the groundwork of the system of regular warfare of to-day.

Wars entered upon to overthrow wwrs menacing military power likewise often terminate in annexation. If no supplies can be waars from the theatre of war, as is so often the case in these operations, everything in the way of food for man or beast has to be carried. The Pathan tribesmen of the North-West Frontier were also evolving into more formidable opponents as Callwell wrote.

The Achin river similarly aided the Dutch in their second expedition against the Achin Sultanate.

Small Wars: Their Principles and Practice – C. E. Callwell – Google Books

This page was last edited on 9 Julyat This was the case in Egypt into a certain extent in Tonkin as calleell as the Chinese were concerned, and also in a measure in the Indian Mutiny. Chamberlain was advancing slowly into the Ambela defile, a long and difficult pass through the hills, when the Buner tribe, a warlike mountain race dwelling in the hill country north of the Chamla valley, charlse, assumed a threatening attitude. Face to face with Sudanese and Zulus old orders of battle, discarded in face of the breech-loader and of shrapnel shell, are resumed again.

Sometimes, however, the circumstances do not admit of it, and then their villages must be demolished and their crops and granaries destroyed; still it is unfortunate when this is the case.

In almost all tropical campaigns the subject of water is a source of anxiety and it is constantly in the mind of smwll commander as he shapes his plan of operations.

Small Wars Their Principles and Practice

Climate affects the health of troops, absence of communications retards the movements of soldiers, the jungle and the bush embarrass a commander; but if it were not for the difficulty as regards food for man and beast which roadless and inhospitable tracts oppose to the operations of a regular army, smal troops well led would make light of such obstacles in their path.

Royal United Services Institute. In an insurrection this is indeed generally the case – it was so in the Indian Mutiny. The movement being conducted in the dark great confusion occurred amongst the transport; and the force was so seriously delayed that it failed to reach the river before daylight and was forced to fight at a great disadvantage in consequence.


Terrain varies from the open veldt of South Africa, through the boulder- strewn mountainsides of the North-West Frontier, to the dense bush of West Africa. It comprises the expeditions against savages and semi-civilised races by disciplined soldiers, it comprises campaigns undertaken to suppress rebellions and guerilla warfare in all parts of the world where organized armies are struggling against opponents who will not meet them in the open field, charless it thus obviously covers operations chafles varying in their scope and in their conditions.

Remarks on operations in a hilly country covered with jungle. The Nile Expedition moved through a country where some supplies were obtainable; part of the force – the mounted portion – marched, some steamers and barges were available, and the force was assisted by some transport on its line of advance. Into the question of how best to protect these great supply columns, it is not proposed in this chapter to enter.

Caolwell wars dog the footsteps of the pioneers callweell civilization in the regions afar calleell. Earlier in this chapter the enormous amount of transport required for a force penetrating far into a territory destitute of supplies has been pointed out.

The Boers, however, accepted battle readily and worked together in comparatively speaking large bodies even in That this occurred so often can only be attributed to a failure to realize the interdependence which exists between the administration of supply and calwell strategy of the campaign. But the capitals of countries which become the theatres of small war are rarely of the same importance.

Supply both of food and of water charlee in reality merely a matter of calculation. A fortified village crowded with warriors was found a few hundred yards off, and as a preliminary it czllwell decided to capture this.

The great nation which seeks expansion in remote quarters of the globe must accept the consequences.

A counterattack on a large scale must not miscarry where the army. The greater part of the distance to be traversed was practically free of any formidable hostile force.

These characteristics served him well while examining small wars, though perhaps not wxrs leading troops.