The game was Gangbusters, and it brought many things that had not a look at Gangbusters and I’ll tell you why you should give this old TSR. QucsIiom about the GANGBUSTERS mln should be xnl Io: GANGBUSnRS Puntiam, TSR, Ins., FQB , Lake Geneva, Wr, h n c n must include a. From the back of the box GANGBUSTERS role-playing game is different from most other games. Instead of simply rolling dice and moving pieces around a.

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All PCs start the game with one of the first 9 skills, which cost only 5, XP to acquire. The tssr of actions such as the damage caused by weapons or the amount of money produced by a criminal enterprise may be determined by further dice rolls.

Surprisingly, the advancement gwngbusters is unified. What about the one with “Baby Faced Finster”? Most rules are percentage modifiers which are rolled against on percentile dice. That is to say that each PC has a class that represents their profession, and a level of experience which in this case runs from one to about ten.

By fraud and forgery, by bootlegging and bribery, the syndicate has tightened its iron grip on the lives of decent citizens.

TSR GangBusters “Roaring 20’s” Role-Playing Game – Google+

I supported becauseā€¦ “it offers me a chance to explore my kinder, gentler side. For example, criminals earn experience points based on how profitable their crimes are, while police officers earn experience points for capturing criminals. It is not covered here since the original boxed set did not contain this information. Okumarts Games David Okum: Drag photos anywhere to start a new post. Okumarts Games David Okum. Experience points are awarded by the gamemastercalled the Judge in Gangbusters based on a character’s success in his career.


Inside each boxed set was usually one or two saddle-stapled books of 32 or 64 pages. Political corruption is also a recurring theme. The rampant disregard for the alcohol laws began to breed contempt for law in general, as many knew crooked police or Prohibition agents who themselves drank.

On top of that the damn thing is deadly.

Gangbusters (1st & 3rd Edition) | RPG | RPGGeek

There are both basic and expert rules for Fist fighting, and plenty of rules about guns. Cops get awarded for making high profile busts. The default location for Gangbusters campaigns is Lakefront Citya fictional metropolis located in an unspecified state on the western shore of Lake Michiganprobably Chicago. This community is dedicated to the discussion specifically surrounding the TSR game “GangBusters” released in When he was grown, the sultry Betty Wilson decided he’d make a gangbustees husband.

The book opens with an introductory article from Robert Howell, ggangbusters grandfather was a member of the legendary Untouchables.

Gangbusters: Core Rules

Your decisions and fast action determine whether you win or lose, whether the criminals are arrested or escape, ggangbusters your game character becomes a hero or is gunned down in a blazing shootout. Would like to have details to use for roads and such and different neighborhoods and counties. Archived from the original on Players can join or start their own gangs and syndicates.


It is advisable gangbushers set up character requirements before play begins and limit the PCs to all one side of the law or the other, give or take PIs and reporters. In an age where leveling up required different tables in most games, in Gangbusters everyone goes to 2 nd Level at 10, XP. These sorts of options play into the genre quite well, as fisticuffs and car chases are staples of gangster films and novels.

Black & Green Games

Boxed sets in pristine condition will include a pair of sided dice. Walk in the shoes of a private eye, pound the beat as an honest cop in a dirty world, or enforce the law of the land as a Prohibition Agent.

Films were an especially strong influence; the game’s bibliography lists dozens of movies for inspiration, ranging from The Big House to The Untouchables. The game was Gangbusters, and it brought many things that had not yet been tried.

A handful ofhonest police officers, federal agents and private investigators were dedicated to freeing the public from the crushing grip of crime.