Questions Response Code. Activity at Work. Q1. Does your work involve vigorous -intensity activity that causes large increases in breathing or. GPAQ: a survey tool to help practices improve their services to patients. The GPAQ questionnaire fulfills the requirements for the practice patient survey, GP. The WHO-endorsed Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ) has been widely used in developing countries, but the evidence base for its.

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Third, China and South Africa used accelerometers as the criterion measure for urban samples and the coefficient between GPAQ total PA across all domains and accelerometer moderate-intensity counts per minute were 0.

Secondly, there was gpaaq compliance with accelerometer wear and adherence to the study protocol. Last but not least, we would like to acknowledge Tanvir Ahmed for his continuous support during the study period.

Given waist worn accelerometers do not capture the typical PA in rural context, further study using a physical activity diary and a combination of multiple sensors e. This may indicate that lowering the cut-point may improve the indicators for GPAQ validity.

Additionally, in the 12 countries study validation of the short International Physical Activity Questionnaire IPAQthe pooled validity correlations against accelerometers was found to be 0. After stratification by place, significant fair-to-moderate correlation was found for females, whereas urban young adults showed a significantly higher correlation than young rural adults.

Validity of the global physical activity questionnaire (GPAQ) in Bangladesh

questlonnaire Accelerometers are a widely used alternative for objective measurement as they are relatively less expensive, feasible, have been validated against DLW and showed a good level of reliability [ 644 ].

Open in a separate window. The domain specific correlations across all indicators i. Thus, using accelerometer as a criterion might be considered as concurrent or convergent instrument due to its pitfalls. Basic socio-economic information was taken by interview on that day. Once a person was chosen and volunteered to participate, a date and time for data collection was arranged and the pgaq continued until the sample size reached.


Conclusion GPAQ is an acceptable measure for physical activity surveillance in Bangladesh qudstionnaire for urban residents, women and people with high education.

Plasqui G, Westerterp K. In addition, swimming and cycling are common activities for rural people. Med Sci Sports Exerc. The World Health Organization WHO has therefore promoted the development of PA surveillance tools in order to evaluate qquestionnaire health interventions and policies [ 56 ] aimed at reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases NCDs [ 7 ].

In male overall correlation across indicators of PA was not seen, whereas other studies showed reverse result [ 64041 ]. LA designed the study. We have presented correlations for total sample and by subgroup.

Nevertheless, accelerometers have their limitations. However, a study conducted on a Chilean population found the single question from the GPAQ had fair validity for measuring SB, though poor ability for correctly classifying individuals into tertiles or quartiles of SB [ 30 ]. There were no significant differences in the age by gender distribution. Agricultural Calendar [ http: Published questinonaire Aug Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

Validity of the global physical activity questionnaire (GPAQ) in Bangladesh

The overall correlation between questionnaiee GPAQ and accelerometer for sitting was low rho: Physical activity assessment with accelerometers: Discussion To the best of our knowledge this is the first validity study of the GPAQ in Bangladesh using accelerometer and also including rural population. Global physical activity questionnaire GPAQ: To investigate the criterion validity we chose the Actigraph GT3X accelerometers as objective sensor-based activity monitors to provide the criterion measure.

Shirin Jahan Mumu, Email: Hence for the sake of keeping the large sample we chose the lowest number of days. SJM designed the study, acquired the data, carried out the data analysis and interpretation, and drafted the manuscript. Validity questjonnaire the global physical activity questionnaire GPAQ in assessing levels and change in moderate-vigorous physical activity and sedentary behaviour.


Accelerometer To investigate the criterion validity we chose the Actigraph GT3X accelerometers as objective sensor-based activity monitors to provide the criterion measure.

Patterns and correlates of objectively measured free-living physical activity in adults in rural and urban Cameroon. Written informed consent was taken from all study participants. Examining the reliability and validity of a modified version of the international physical activity questionnaire, long form IPAQ-LF in Nigeria: Availability of data and materials The data that support the findings of this study are available from the corresponding author upon reasonable request.

In the subgroup analysis, females showed consistent correlations across all indicators of PA. Overestimation of GPAQ was observed in the US [ 27 ] and Singapore [ 28 ], whereas negative bias was seen in the Northern Ireland with the majority of points falling below zero [ 6 ].

In Bangladesh, there are 6 seasons and the main occupation in rural area is agriculture which follows the seasons [ 38 ]. The device was worn at waist level above the hip of the left side. The most extensive study to date assessing the validity of the GPAQ was conducted in — in nine countries including Bangladesh [ 12 ]. Conducting accelerometer-based activity assessments in field-based research. Moreover, males carry heavy loads such as crops, seeds, sacks etc.

We used the GPAQ scoring protocol [ 21 ] to create the following indicators: Physical activity patterns in Mozambique: