Editorial Reviews. Review. Suspense builds in this novel about scientists, physics Timescape: A Novel – Kindle edition by Gregory Benford. Winner of the Nebula Award, Timescape has since become a classic of the science fiction genre, combining hard science, bold speculation, and. On the positive side, we have a clever idea that shows some of the flavor of modern mathematical physics, some positive comments about mathematics and .

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What they actually do is prevent the Kennedy assassination. Pocket Books used the title of this book for their science fiction imprint. Meanwhile, it is clear that the viral nature of the algal bloom is spreading it faster and through more mediums than originally expected. At his best Gordon’s wrestlings with the inexplicable signal; bouts of departmental flak Benford gives the phrase “”science fiction”” a new meaning as the art that brings science to fictional life.

The science is interesting and clearly written, but it’s just background gimescape to the character drama on the forefront.

Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. What a great book!

TIMESCAPE by Gregory Benford | Kirkus Reviews

It’s a lot to squeeze into one book, perhaps more than was necessary. Jul 13, Brad rated it it was ok Shelves: I didn’t like Bernstein enough to care what happened to him. In particular, one character spends the entire book seducing every woman he meets, including other men’s timesczpe.

Desperate, some scientists figure benfird a way to beam messages back to some stock characters that were alive in So if you are bothered by that, even though it may be an accurate portrait of the times, keep that in mind.


Not Enabled Greggory Wise: How did this book win the Nebula Award? Stereotypical Jewish mother comes to visit son and disapproves of his girlfriend.


It comes from the many-worlds theory of quantum physics, tlmescape the idea that alternative universes are continually being created in infinite variations, and in Timescape the scientists were trying to direct this process. Earth is falling apart, on the brink of ecological disaster. The male characters are bland and wonk-y, like talking heads for the author’s scientific theories. I’m really struggling to find any motivation to keep reading this.

Lo que nos cuenta. Quality of writing perhaps shy of the best of fiction overall, but certainly at the top of the sci fi genre.

Speculiction Review of Timescape by Gregory Benford

It was about a few ancient Greek goddesses who are literally weaving the future. Though seriously injured, Kennedy survives. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Winner of the Nebula Award in and the John W. So they don’t really know. With one wee exception, which I’ll detail at the end. But literary shortcomings are not this book’s greatest fault. Benford is one of those authors who can hardly write at all. After awhile, she realizes it’s a message. Jul 31, Ron rated it it was amazing Shelves: I bet I would have enjoyed every single other nomination that year more than I did this book.

After the message is finally received and acted upon, is dropped. I really enjoyed the book and thought the characters were genuine, believable and also interesting, and then the book ended very suddenly ruining what had been a 5 star book, meaning it only got 4 stars. I was not completely convinced, though I can see grevory it’s written from the heart.


From the Back Cover Oddly, my recollection of reading it multiple times back when it first came out was that both the writing and plot development were remarkably elegant and spare. The careers of those involved in both timeframes constantly in doubt, averting the catastrophe is no guarantee.

But in good sci-fi writing a different world is a different social environment, extended by the imagination. His wife, whose name escapes me Marilyn? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Sometimes, as in this story, this science is important and then it’s interesting. Granted, the laboratory and academic environment of the sciences in the s was probably not flooded with women, the setting, however, and the opportunity it presents to feature a more progressive view of society, is likewise nearly void of women. Yet much of the story is about humanity: This book has rightly been called a classic of the hard science fiction genre.

We meet the perfect housewife Marjoriethe pushy mother Mrs. I do so I was kept very interested in this book by the combination of science happening, interpersonal relationships, and speculative future developments.

Certainly most benfird of space opera and planetary adventure will find the novel dry, but there will remain a portion who will be pleasantly surprised with the human stories Benford tells.

Renfrew is confronted by some squatters asking her for milk.