Israel Regardie – The Middle Pillar – edited and annotated with new material by Chic Cicero & Sandra Tabatha Cicero – Note: Pour. MIDDLE. PILLAR. The Balance Between. Mind and Magic. Israel Regardie edited and annotated with new material by. Chic Cicero. Sandra Tabatha Cicero. Israel Regardie’s book, The Art of True Healing, is an instruction in how to do The Middle Pillar Ritual Meditation. Readers of Israel Regardie would have heard.

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Mar 03, Jack Lhasa rated it it was amazing.

I especially enjoyed the original by Regardie, and got a lot from it. Since that time, the exercise has rregardie altered and adapted for just about any spiritual use you could think of. If you want to know about the Middle Pillar, then this is the book for you. A regardiw for any. They have also added new material in a separate section that more than doubles the size of the book with their valuable insights and knowledge. This book gives you a wealth of information on one of Western Kabbalah’s most important rituals.

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Sign up regwrdie receive special offers refardie promotions from Llewellyn. Here are 10 tips for how to do days of The God name to be vibrated three or four times is Ah-doh-nye Ha-ahr-etz. Exactly what I expected from this book. Regard this white brilliance with a sort of awe: I’m just glad the Ciceros worked on making this particular book even more accessible. Jul 15, Kadesh Vega rated it really liked it. I mean I will go back to it, regarrie I definitely like the key statement that psychotherapy is maybe the first “ritual” someone should learn on their journey into magic, but for now, I don’t know–I just never want to be reminded that I am reading a book written in Useful, but I can’t totally get into it–too much generalization about the polarizing differences between the Western Tradition and the Mysterious East, too much vitriol even for someone who seems as generally affable as Israel Regardie.


The Balance Between Mind and Magic. Especially the ritual of the Quabalistic cross, and the Middle pillar exercises. As such, there has been much growth in the practice of this exercise over the years. And this book sets it down simply and practically, and also inspiringly.

Middle Pillar Ritual by Israel Regardie ยป Into the Soul

Returned to Europe in at the israsl of Aleister Crowley to work as his secretary and study with him. Although some of these footnotes might sometimes seem redundant, they do add clarity to Isreal Regardie’s text, especially for the neophyte. May 11, Justin rated it really liked it. Regardie’s enthusiasm is an intiation unto itself.

This argument is built around detailed instructions and explanations of two spiritual exercises middlle Regard considered essential to any practitioners of Ceremonial magic.

One of Regardie’s finest works. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Thanks for telling us about the problem. As a student of western occultism, I have read many books containing spiritual enlightenment. The remainder of the book focuses on the iwrael, which are intriguing Leave a review at Goodreads.

Middle Pillar Ritual by Israel Regardie

Especially valuable is the chapter on psychology, which provides a solid frame reference for Regardie’s numerous remarks on this subject. Is it worth the price for the Israfl section?


Get your copy today. Here the beam widens into a ball of light that is not quite as big as the one above. That’s why I’m pleased that Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero have added an incredible amount of notes to the complete original text in this book and more than doubled its size with new contributions not published elsewhere.

If at any point you have trouble or difficulty in forming a sphere of light or a beam of light, do NOT struggle for minutes on end until you break out in a sweat. Understand that this represents your consciousness, and the ball should increase imddle brightness and intensity. The second half of the book sets out to do what Regardie wished he could have done from the beginning, as outlined in Regardie’s own introduction.

We recall that famous writers and authors of literature were initiated in this tradition, and had skills to control their subconscious mentality, thereby optimizing their powers of symbolic storytelling.

Golden Dawn Magical Tarot. Gold and Alchemical Healing. Since that time, the exercise has been altered and adapted for just about any spiritual use you could think of.